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[Class] Druid Class Thread


I have noticed this since the Druid Changes, but Sterea and Carnivory completely ignores it first function:
- “To find the nearest “Chortasmata” and apply directly in the middle of it when you cast any of those said two skills.”

Taken from Sterea’s Tooltip:

“Grown grass protects you and your allies. It casts in the place of [Chortasmata] first if exists, otherwise it casts on you.”

NOTE: The following image you will see is NOT PART of the game’s screenshot, bur rather my artistic intake. Please do not be fooled if it looks exactly like the game.


It gets annoying pretty much if you are planning to support your dying party member, like when they get raised and protecting them via Sterea is not possible from afar.


I’ve noticed this too when doing uphill. Carnivory doesn’t proc when I have chortasmata at the monster spawn point and I cast from a higher level.


Same from Gem Feud, Sterea won’t work inside the instance for some reason.


Can someone test if Chortasmata’s enhance attribute has been fixed yet? I’m too low on funds to try.


Ok… IMC is giving us +30 sec on lycanthropy (here). Liiiiiiiiiiiittle bit happy. But if this is the reason we can’t melstis it then I’m pissed.



120sec cd/ with laima 96sec cd

60sec duration
90sec duration


Given how this is an r10 attribute, can I assume I can build cl1-pr3-chap-dru3-inq1-deiv?

Originally I wanted cl1-kr3-deiv-dru3-inq1-x because melstis worked on demiwolf and daino turning AA to magic works better with 30% m.dmg vs 20% p.dmg. With chap I can apply 30% m.dmg to aspersion then 20% p.dmg to AA.

It would be a diff AA build from the meta AA with a little more buttons to push.


daino makes you unable to apply bleed with autos from demi wolf, and melstis doesn’t extend wolf or so, i went the chap build with Inq and in R10 will pick diev for the 20% cd.

Kinda happy to enjoy a d3 build and so much happier now that it can almost last 100%


Which Violet, Green and Blue boss card are better for druid? (like x3 Iltiswort card on red socket)


It depends a bit but idd say that for purple would be 1gazing, 2 any elem dmg or maybe lepus if you are one of the builds i suggested could work.

blue = zaura/nua

Green depends int, dex, spr, con stat cards or mixed ones could work.


It’s possible to do decent AA damage just with Druid3 and str/dex only from gear (and without red gems in weapon)?


You are not AA, you won’t do enough dmg, but if you focus in krivi daino or chap aspergilum and go for magic AA dmg and DoTs from druid you can do very well.



Thx, that’s what I wanted to know, was wondering if there is reason to pay more for gear with additional str/dex or getting leather armor instead of plate. Can’t really fit krivi in my build (unless on r10 but then there will be better options or if I scrape cleric2 but it would be krivi1 at best anyway).


Can chortasmata turn boss and elite mob into plant type?


Yes, Chortasmata can


Aww so basically druid-exo variant lost exo skills bonus damage against demon mobs…


Hi guys, I’m planing to play an AA druid (Priest 3 > Chap 1 > Druid 3 > Inq 1), how would you recommend for druid’s skill distribution?

What I am certain:
Chortasmata (max)
Sterea Trofh (max)
Lycanthropy (max)
Telepath (1, useful for Velcoffer Raid)

What I am uncertain:

Seed Bomb lv1 worth? I know it can be used on Pear of Anguish, but in Aoe scenario (while wheel in cd) will AA just be more efficient at the end?

Henge Stone lv1? Will it actually benefit any Inq skills?

Carnivory vs Thorn Vine — I assume it’s better to go vine lv1 and dump rest of points into Carnivory even though it can’t hit flying mobs?


Neither Damage nor skills levels are affected by Hengestone ( Except Malleus, but it’s just the +10% damage buff ).

Hengestone is really good for the so-called " hidden effect " where it gives +1 skill level to installation skills.

It won’t hurt to get a 1-pointer just for the sake for utility, but since you have Aspergillum ( Given that you have max Aspersion with high Aspersion Attribute Level ), Stick with AA tbh.

For me, yes.

I’m guessing Telepath is for luring Shardstatues to the big statue?


This may be a dumb question, can carnivory be used together with sterea trofh on chortasmata?


Thank you for quick resepond!

Yeah, lv1Telepath for luring Shardstatues.

Based on what you said, I think I won’t put any point on Hengestone now as it don’t really have much synergy with my bd. Installation skills are like diev statues and taoist Charm?