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[Class] Druid Class Thread


Yeah, the only thing that we are lacking right now is debuff immunity. Druid3-Inq1 is an easy target for Psychokinos because we can’t take Oracle / Plague Doctor until R10, so I know how you feel.

Yes, they are prevented by Beak Mask / Bloodlet, so mostly I just wait until the buff is gone ( or use Telepathy. It is a good PvP Skill ).

I am pretty sure Wolf/Transform will wear off by those skills even now. But right now, I haven’t seen it myself because I haven’t seen a Miko/Kannushi in TBL in this patch, and I do not use Wolf unless I do Inquisitor’s Breaking Wheel + Wolf Skills combo.



I only know that if you are using controller and put a skill in l1+r1 in the same place where your transformation’s cancel is in l1 than your transformation gets cancelled…even if it is on set 2… It also gets cancelled on set 2 l1 if you put a skill on the same place as the cancell icon is on set 1…


thx replaying :smiley:
im realy looking forwad druid patch comming

most disapointed thing is still weared of by gohei
but fortunately as you say miko isnt there a lot in tbl

will try unbreakable new strea+telepath till their immunety buffs wearing off


Oh, thats why sterea cancel it, but no clue about divine might, going try changing the hotkeys and testing a little more.

Edit: Yeah, was some kind of bug with hotkeys, thanks guys


very cool build indeed. thank you very much for sharing!
why max malleus tho, is it that good? or is it bc its basically the only magic spell from inq?


Is there another thing that cancels Transformation ATM? Apart from the bug thing from Controller Mode… Coz I get cancelled out many times and I don’t know why. I guess one is when I use chapparition, but not all the times so not clear…


I’m testing the following build today (xcept for diev that i picked exo for the 3rd reset tomorrow to decide which one i like more)

Krivi variation: when daino is up you can’t miss, but you can’t proc bleeding from awo, 20-22k per auto on awo mode, 18-20k without awo, very fast attacks, lack non aerial skills, only stigma, cure, autos and thorn, still doing good on those.

Chap variation: bleed is applyed, can get some dodge (block solved by chap attrib), autos from 30-35k on awo, 25-30k normally, some dex invested + gear dex + monstrance = fast paced autos.
Has exo + magnus, autos, cure (low lvl) and thorn for flying, if bleed applyed deals a bit more dmg than krivi one to aerial, since autos and bleed are higher than stigma + aukuras buff.

The chap one has more consistent healing for common huge dmg spikes, but lower in sustained dmg taking…

This gona be a hard choosing :frowning:


It’s because of the Malleus Debuff Duration.

The skill’s additional damage effects corresponding to 100% of your target’s magic attack, which means: the more MATK the target has, the higher the bonus. It affects EVERY INCOMING DAMAGE they receive.


Sounds like an easy way to get yourself killed.


Y’know, I really thought I’d miss the old Lycanthropy once the changes dropped. The raw boost just didn’t seem like it was enough to justify such a short duration and long cooldown.

Well, I was wrong.

My current build is Cleric -> Priest3 -> Chap -> Druid3 -> Inqui (100 DEX, everything else in INT). It absolutely shreds. The new Chortasmata is excellent. Having a DoT and a HoT in one skill with the option to extend its duration is just great. Toss in Carnivory and Thorn and most normal enemies are well on their way to being dead. On top of all that, there’s Malleus and Breaking Wheel with the Burn attribute. The damage just pours in :star_struck:

And if all that isn’t enough, I can pop Lycanthropy for 30s of huge burst damage. It probably helps that I went back to WoW for a while so I’m more familiar with having big burst cooldowns with short durations and long(ish) cooldowns. All in all, I’m loving the build and I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to look at Awoo mode.


safety+sterea plus some heal before recast fanaticism is enough


Chorstasmata Enhance attribute still bugged ATM. It’s not enhancing at all.


True, but it will be difficult in CM and Velcoffer to survive with a 30 second fanatacism. If you are good with taking off the buff in emergencies, you will be fine I guess.

Your main stats should be INT and CON but honestly with that build, everything affects you…

STR will increase p.dmg which affects your lycan iirc
DEX increases attack speed for lycan…
SPR is always nice, especially for lycan SP drain

So yeah, you want high of everything but focus on INT and CON lol


can aim for awoo instead as you can get 20% phys and crit rate 200, 30% magic, 30% from fanaticism, and 10% more for magic from henge.

And yes any stat would come handy, but CONT INT mainly.


Does Iltiswort still working with Chorstasmata (can’t tell difference) or I just wasted my cards do make 3 worthless lvl 10 cards?


It seems that all % dmg cards are “broken” in this patch… will have to wait and see if they fix them all.


What do you guys transform into for Druid 2 Exorcist 2 build?
I just realized that Transform no longer allows you to transform into demon (was thinking of Akhlass Bishop but can’t do that anymore)

I used to do Lapinel on my Zealot but since I no longer need crit rate on a magic build, it’s kinda wasted to just get movement speed (maybe I will go back to Lapinel, o well)

I also tried Blom and it’s random 5s AOE is so bad and clunky lol …

Want to hear some opinions here.


Normally not a single transform is good for their skills :frowning: considering you have more than enough stuff to cast now from druid2 exo2 or any other combo you pick if not exo. So what you look for is the transform extra stats, which lead into most likely beast for melee builds or insect for the extra def for the casters/tanks and then size would be large for 50% hp increase.

In such cases: glizardon beast-large or vearkaras/mantiwood insect-large would make it.


I still use Lapinel. Mspd is really handy in mine feud and when holding down a few lanes in uphill.


Dose it make any sense to use leather armor just for Lycanthropy? Or the bonus from passives is not worth compared to extra plate/cloth def?