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[Class] Druid Class Thread


Thanks for the info sir.


Hmm… druid + inqui = drinq?


Hi, Does enchant armor or camp buff extend lycan buff?


Just stepping in to clarify that it does not work on players. Players cannot be converted to any other type. The buff may apply, but it will do nothing.


Sadly, no it does not.


Also stepping in to clarify this too. Lycan buff is in fact extended by base camp.


Sorry let me clarify. It is not affected by enchanter armor shop buff.
Thank you for fixing my answer. I forgot camp buff was asked as well.


So i wanted to have a druid3, no matter how much it “sucks” now… and i came to think of:

Awoo + fanaticism with 20% reduction on cd and melstis so that i can almost keep fanaticism up all time and awo as much from the reduction as possible.

Also will have the hengestone for 10 secs for extra magic as i will have daino autos as magic plus all the druid DoTs, aukuras heal or GoF and chroma for heals and stera immune with safety for “safer” fanaticism use.

What you guys think? stats INT? Dex/INT? or?


It works, and was one of the ideas I had in mind for my druid. Only problem is just a lot of skills to use. If you’re fine with that, then the only other problem would be how hungry for SP you will be.

Telepath and Seed Bomb seem un-needed in this build. Though you may have your reasons for them…
By the way Thorns is a nice skill, but to me it’s a one pointer. Unless you are using Thorns to compensate the lack of damage you have for flying enemies. It’s best to put a majority of your points into Chortasmata then Carnivory.

This build seems like it would benefit more from “Int” than “Dex”.

I still don’t know why people don’t see how good maxing Chortasmata is.
I drop Chortasmata on the floor and just walk enemies over it. Go grab new enemies while old enemies die from the DoT, trying to catch me. I literally only have to use Chortasmata to farm most content.

/end rant


Druid3 works quite well atm on a damballa or kriv/tao build imo.
If you need examples they’re in the second post, I suppose I should have said that the guide is up to date again earlier.

Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend your build since:

  • Druid benefits more from additional dmg skills than extra dmg boosts, as carni/chorta are tied to the same area and only thorn/bomb hit flying enemies. (and druid gives them lycan+henge anyway)
  • I still won’t recommend krivis3 unless you go taoist1-2 or zealot2, its dmg and utility is just to poor outside of those combo’s imo.

And I’d like more dmg vs flying enemies if possible, but that’s a luxury.


The thorn bit may be partly my fault as I initially recommended it.
But I was wrong on that account, Thorn actually has the lowest dmg increase of the druid skills per skill point due to its mere 11 hits per use.

And going to have to second chorta as the nr1 priority, it’s incredibly powerful atm.


i Do want to have aukuras and divine stigma plus the daino for speed up autos… not zaibas, tao is of no use :frowning: zaibas is still crap to me compared to other stuff that the build has, and since i lack flying mobs i do like having thron, not best but not worst…

also imolation is another fly hit thing from zea you will have, though int wont give much dmg addition to it.


Just remember, Thorns has an enemy hit limit of 8.

Btw have you tried Druid yet?


Im trying it but with exo 1 as end to be able to reset if the druid3 wasn’t a total dissapointment, and it does quite well in terms of farming in HG340 T10 Primus raffie autos are quite fast and 20k pet hit, mobs are shreeded with all the aoe DoTs and auto.


Guys, Is sterea trofhand and divine might supposed to cancel the transform or it’s a bug?


I know. Feels good doesn’t it.

Possible bug. I haven’t heard of this from any other person with druid. Do you perhaps have some of you skills on the same key as the button to undo your transformation? That could be the problem you’re having.


It does, even on flying with thorn, auto, divine stigma and cure they die pretty fast


I’m in trouble, when I’m transformed into some monster with the transformation ability, and I use the skill aukuras of krivis I altomatically go back to normal shape, and a bug this?


I’d say, before the Druid Patch, it was doing a bit okay in TBL; but after patch really made Druid Shine. Yes, you still need to rely on damage increasing debuffs but Druid gives alot of DoTs which makes it really scary to face in TBL.



Also: I wasted one (1) Rank Reset Voucher just so I can take Inqui at R8 and Druid C3 on R9 " JUST SO I CAN HAVE A DRUID ICON "


Remember that Chortasmata is a poison and can be removed with Antidote. As players adapt and realize this, the damage will lower significantly.


hello,im playing TBL as patk build c1-p2-pal1-pad1-druid3-inq1
(most weak point is no debuff immunity :stuck_out_tongue: ) in jp server
maybe druid/pied patch will come to jp server in a month

after come that patch
how about druid`s cort and thorn poison debuff?
are prevented by pd letting/mask?
also still lycan/transform are weared off by gohei because of buff rank1(bug) or disenchant?

btw jp tbl meta are p2-pd-zelot / kino-sage/lancer currently

pls tell me how u feel in tbl :smiley: