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[Class] Druid Class Thread


Yes, but mid-high level content doesn’t last 10 seconds.
But yes Carnivory is a burst skill.

It is ok. We all get “IMC’ed” every now and again.


I imagine you don’t want to take 10 seconds to kill 1 monster in any content, including mid-high level content and especially so for content in which you can time out of. You’ll probably be able to deal full damage of carnivory more frequently than the full damage of chortasmata in every situation granted you are in a party and doing content in a timely manner.

Exception being endgame bosses…


If two Druids use the skill Chortasmata and Carnivory, all within the area, when they pick up the Floral Scent, they will have the infinite buff until they leave the map or logout.


i’m on the SS; :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


does anyone have a decent 2h mace build that includes druid3? i just want to make one for the looks, but i still want to be able to play this class lol


I guess it would help if accurate and informative tooltips existed. It doesn’t feel like it hits twice a second or any faster than thorns though so I don’t know how accurate that is.


I have one, my build is currently Cleric 2, Priest 2, Paladin 1, Druid 3, Inquisitor 1


I dunno but maybe In an doing it wrong but I only see the Chortasmata poison damage and not the Carnivory.

I use Chortasmata then Carnivory but I don’t see the grass glow nor the damage unless is there mix up with the poison damage and I didn’t notice. I figured you would see some kind is special effect when you Carnivory.


You know that carnivory is there if you hear that certain Carnivory sound effect. ( It is more louder than Chortasmata’s Rash tick. )

EDIT: Chortasmat Rash tick is like a low bass tick while Carnivory has that sharp sounding ticks.


Lol I play TOS on mute for almost a year lol…
I’ll put it back on when I get home from work.

Thank you


Found a bug, at least in controller mode.
So, because the attacks and cancel while transform occupy the first 4 spaces in joypad I took all my skills from set 1 to set 2 and viceversa.
However, while transformed… if you want to use in Set 2, from the first 4 spaces, the one to the right (the same space that would cancel your transformation in Set 1) it will… cancel your transformation.
Already tested it.


I reported that bug several times to support, made a video, an overly detailed thread, and they just wont fix it. Pisses me off. Maybe they just suck as coding and don’t know how.


This bug has been there since they properly added the transformation skills to the controller UI. That why I never put skill in that specific slot. Also if you’re in set 2 and spam skill that are where the transformation skills would be if you were to put it into set 1, the transformation skills will cast, if that skill is on cd.


Some notes on Seedbomb

  • Seedbomb have a hit limit of 5 targets

  • Seedbomb’s buff range is slightly over 2 heal tiles away.

  • Seedbomb hit area is also slightly over 2 heal tiles away

  • It is possible to bestow the buff onto minions and installations, i.e Dievdirby statues, Paladin’s converted minions, zombies, Aukuras, Pears of Agony. Not it is not possible to use it on Merkabah or Breaking Wheel.

  • Mobs running over a Seedbombed’ pear will instantly trigger it.

Seedbomb isn’t that bad imo, it is just a niche skill that is good for some builds, like builds with inq1 or bokor.


can you share your build? looks cool. looks like C2>Kriv3>Druid>Kabb2>Inq
(also stats and gear, if possible)


I changed mine to C2 - B1 - Pala2 - Druid2 - Exo2
The key of Paladin c2 is not 2-h mace, but Sanctuary and Resist Elements.
Transform (Large Insect) + Sanctuary makes your def/mdef go very high. Tried it with aqua in HG 340 and gained like 5k in damage in normal mob, while about 2x in dark mob. And Transform extra def/mdef doesn’t change the extra holy property attack.
So Im not satisfied by it.
I guess it’s either C2 Krivis3, or C2 P2 B1


Here’s the build, yep it is Cleric2 Krivis3 Druid1 Kabbalist2 Inquisitor1, with Kabbalist c2 being the core of the build.

Stats wise is a hybrid with primary focus with INT, secondary as DEX (being an AA build). Rest is split between CON/SPR and lastly STR

Gear wise, currently using a +13 T10 Masinios Mace, frieno accessories. The rest are berthas cloth gear with minimal upgrades.

This build doesn’t need high investment to see what it can do once you know how it works. Here’s a clip to showcase what it can do with around 20ish million silver investment in attributes with low tier event gear (T0 +0 enhancement).

It has a bright future ahead in R10 too, kind of spolit for choice, so many routes to go:

  • Druid C2
  • Kabbalist C3
  • Inquisitor C2
  • Zealot C1
  • Taoist C1 (on a lesser extend)


Anyone knows if chortasmata change the boss monsters into plant type?


I feel like any cleric with inqui1 will do well in cm. Burn is just so good for snowballing.


Yes, it turns all standing on it to plant type, even yourself.

Going to be doing that on my Cleric 2-Bokor 3-Druid 3. Adding Inquis will allow me to destroy flying units, which is Druids main downfall. Adding to the fact that the kills my zombies get can also proc the burn attribute and the grass dots… All shall burn in FLAMES! :fire::satisfaction: