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[Class] Druid Class Thread


I wish monster skils sucked less. Most of my playtime today has been hiking around trying out various medium beast monsters in hope of finding one that looks cool while still having at least one decent physical attack to cast.


The only good one I’ve seen is the medium sized Ponto with the rapid attack on low CD and quickness. I think only Oracle Change spawns them. Even then though it’s not worth fighting as one with the buff gone. 1 point wonder for novelty and speed boost now.


This build c2 krivis 3 druid 2 taoist 2

What do you think?


What’s going to happen to monsters like these when the oracle change skill is removed? I mostly just want a medium sized monster for the crit rate they offer. I guess it’s gonna have to be something with a speed boost since the scaling on every single monster ability seems to be complete doo doo.


Already tested it. It’s not a tooltip error, as the damage when cast has changed when getting carnivory enhance vs chortasmata enhance.

Max Chortasmata. It is the best damage skill and utility skill we have besides Lycanthropy. Its only downside is that it does not hit flying, but you can use other ranks or skills for flying enemies.

In terms of damage skills, the ranking would be:

Vs Ground:

  1. Lycanthropy
  2. Chortasmata
  3. Carnivory
  4. Seed Bomb (If you have 3-5 bodies, including yourself. This can be statues as well.)
  5. Thorn

Vs Flying:

  1. Lycanthropy
  2. Seed Bomb (If you have 3-5 bodies, including yourself. This can be statues as well.)
  3. Thorn

Depending on how rank 10 goes and future rank 8’s, I may just not get Seed Bomb and Thorn, for sake of skill slots (room) and skill points.

The new druid attempt

I’m building one like this too, but going for cleric1 diev1 instead of cleric2. aukuras + chortas should be good enough for some off heals.


I got one as well, it’s my standard transform tester build.
It’s actually quite strong at the moment, and I will place it in my recommended builds when I’m done reworking it.

Though you can replace cleric2 for just about anything, that build has plenty of healing already.
And keep in mind you can use the goddess of fire attribute to switch aukuras’s cd to 30s before casting it, giving you constant auk+chorta whenever you need it.


There’s still the lapinel, check my third post for the useful transformations.
The current oracle ones are just cosmetic fluff, their 10 hit only deals 20% skill factor per hit so it’s quite bad.


Still does.
Also you can mention that Lycanthropy increases bonus damage, just like its old version. If you cast a skill and then go into Lycanthropy, that skill will get a damage bonus. This goes well with Chortasmata, or Zealot class (come rank 10).


Why are they removing Change? D: It’s one of the few entertaining things to screw around with. They should be improving it instead. :frowning:

So I can use this after 10 hours. Apparently druid’s specialty is dual wielding ears now.

Oh my dagger is useless now since I used it to auto atk transformed. Twas a really nice dagger too.


Chortasmata only hits once though and ticks poison damage for 10 seconds and the dmg % is lower than the other skills that hit more often.


Fun thing i found out.

Ride your pet after casting lycanthropy with human form. Dash and the result is hilarious


Ok /0itcn
apparently this forum hates this website so need to remove the space and copypasta


If you are druid 2 exo 2 you should have enough skill points to do

10 Carnivory, 10 Chortasmata, 5 Vines and 5 Sterea Trofh. Yes you won’t be able to transform but without Krivis you won’t be able to have 100% uptime anyway (You need lv7 transform to do that, even with divine might ur still short)


Carnivory (15):

  • Attack: 393% x 25
  • Maximum targets: 8
  • Can be used every 20 seconds.
    In the span of 20 seconds does 393% x 25 = 9,825%

Thorn (10):

  • Attack 373% x 11 hits
  • Maximum targets: 8
  • Can be used every 20 seconds.
    In the span of 20 seconds does 373% x 11 = 4,103%

Chortasmata (15):

  • Attack: 316% every 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • Debuff refreshes when debuff ends to enemies new and old, standing on it.
  • Maximum targets: As many that can get on it.
  • Can be used every 20 seconds.
    In the span of 20 seconds does 316% every 0.5 a second for 10 seconds (About 20 hits), refreshing for another 10 seconds upon debuff end (Another 20 hits). 316% x 40 = 12,640%

Tell me, which one does more damage per cooldown/duration?


Don’t forget that both Chortasmata and Carnivory have an attribute to increase their duration by 5 seconds. This gives Carnivory +50% damage (10+5 seconds) while Chortasmata only gets +25% (20+5 seconds) so their final damage is 14,737% and 15,800%, Chortasmata still wins but it will need 5 more seconds to do so.

Another detail is that Carnivory has more DPS, in 4 seconds it deals 10 hits (10 x 393% = 3930%) while Chortasmata hits 8 times (8 x 316% = 2,528%). If you aren’t fighting a boss or elite with a lot of HP to survive all the duration then Carnivory is probably better.

TL;DR Carnivory has better burst DPS, Chortasmata has better sustained DPS + heals.


Carnivory has a hit limit of 25… Hense why

Regardless of extra duration. So in essence, no your wrong. The attribute duration only increases how long Carnivory will last if it hasn’t reached its hit limit (10->15 seconds).
So NO it doesn’t give Carnivory a +50% boost.

It is even stated on the first post:

However, you are correct on this:

Please do not spread miss-information


I have Diev1 in my build so I can have 100% uptime in transform even with Lv4 Transform.


IMC logic is a box full of surprises… :tired:


In any case, isn’t carnivory able to hit 25 ticks faster than 10 seconds so it is still technically more of a burst than Chortasmata?

Haven’t been able to play druid yet, so unsure.


is that a video? i couldnt see