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[Class] Druid Class Thread

veln monkey cards worked with chortasmata before. Did it change? Chortasmata rash damage debuff is poison.

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You’re right, chortasmata does work as well. That makes it even easier to get that dmg boost.

If you want to build Seed bomb, take Inquisitor instead. Seed bomb still affects Pears of Agony.

So I am trying really hard to make a full wolf build that’s somewhat playable in the current state of the game without having to chug too many SP pots but nothing really seems to work.

My current solution was to take Oracle/Druid/Zealot and use arcane energy before putting on Fanaticism, Blind Faith and Fanatic Illusion before transforming. This gives me a moment of big dog damage with massive bonuses and crit rate, and by consuming just one potion from full SP I’m able to maintain wolf form after I get my SP back.

The problem is though, wolf form then proceeds to leave me at half SP after all the buffs run out, and I need to build up my SP bar again before I can utilize the same combo, just once every minute.

I sort of try to make the best of this by transforming into a monster during the wolf mode’s down time, and not using the attribute to increase Lycanthrope’s duration, but it’s so gimmicky and uncomfortable to play that I just don’t know if it’s worth the effort in the end. Maybe getting gear with lots of SP regen will help?

The best thing I found by testing is:

  • Use awakening to get sp recovery on gear. This way you don’t have to specifically role for purple on gear.

  • Use Diev statue and Squire food buff.

  • Do collections to get more stats. Sp recovery is a stat you can gain as well from them.

  • Use alch pots, npc pots, keista pots, dimension pots, popo pots, TP pots.

  • Use hengestone.

  • Grab Krivis and us Melstis to extend pots (Pots apply a buff that melstis can extend)

  • Arcane Energy is your friend. Use the skill from your class as well as a scroll version of it.

The Sp drain of Lycanthropy is a little bit excessive, yet it is also worth it for being such a juggernaut in wolf form. The only other class that can compete with you in terms of tankiness is peltasta.

I’ve probably decided to stick with Full wolf form build with Paladin, and Diev. I’m like the tankiness. Now I just need to figure out ways to increase my damage and avoid debuffs (without plague doctor…)

I have a problem with henge stone Essentially, it’s duration is about the same as Arcane Energy, meaning there’s very little reason for me to use it to mitigate the SP drain and I have arcane energy up every time wolf form is off CD.

It’s good on builds that don’t utilize oracle but limits you to staying in one place, which is counter productive to lycan form in a lot of cases because you’re sprinting around and trying to do as much damage as you can while your SP bar still exists.

I tested Arcane Energy and Hengestone together. Although Hengestone won’t let your sp drain from Lycanthropy, it is still counting sp as being drained the whole time. Because of this interaction, if Arcane energy is up at the same time, it is still counting the sp “being drained”, thus when Arcane energy finishes it still gives the sp back. This means that at any point where you have to leave the hengestone range, you will still get back the sp from Arcane energy. This is helpful in situations where you are not at full sp during lycanthropy, saving you sp pots.

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that’s such a weird interaction, but really useful to know about. I’ll have to experiment with it. I wish we were able to cast henge stone when in full wolf form, that would make this build a lot smoother to play.

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wich is the best magic dps for druid?


Druid Exo Oracle probably.

Druid and Exo together is a bit hard to play because druid has a lot of skills it wants to be casting all the time, and Exo is always waiting for short cooldowns of Rubric.

I tried druid/exo/pd and it just had too many skills I always had to cast.

Druid/Exo is also a bit questionable because your chortasmata turns enemies into plant types so they aren’t weak to holy damage.

i already have like 2 oracle in my lodge, i really dont wan another one :frowning:

but exo is the best magic dps from cleric, the plant thing unfortunatleeey is a risk

Man, nothing posted in a few months here. Feels a little dead.

Just wanted to post this here in case anybody likes using Lycanthropy Wolf Form in PvP.

This is a buff to us, as our third attack skill causes confusion.

Also, if no one has notice confusion is actually a very good debuff during CM’s or add phases with bosses that can be debuffed with confusion. It will cause NPC enemies to attack their allies (Not sure if this also works in PvP).

No, it does not. Confusion is a nice debuff to monsters, but not because they attack the other monsters, but it just lessens the aggro for a moment and that’s pretty neat.

Anyways, with the recent patches from kToS, Thorn and Chortasmata’s damage are boosted around x2.5-ish? It felt lackluster ever since Chortasmata was dumbed down so I’m excited how this plays out.

yeah, helps when soloing lvl 6 cms

Honestly I think they overbuffed Chortasmata. They will most likely lower it before sending the patch out, seeing as the patch notes says “Subject to change” before release. If not well, Chortasmata is gonna be ridiculous.

Also they buffed Owls as well (remember Owl damage is 3x its %, unless they currently changed it). Since Diev goes so well with Druid, the dmg increase just gets more ridiculous.


Now if only they would just buff Lycanthropy a bit more. Something like less sp drain or shorter time on the 2% heal (currently 8 seconds.

Not anymore…It’s one hit once every 3 secs, which is shi*-tier damage.

What do you mean?

Sorry I don’t mean ridiculous in a bad way. I say this because I currently run Diev - Druid - Paladin. I have no issues in terms of damage and being top DPS, even with other high geared damage classes. With these buffs my damage increases by 2.2 - 3.9 times what it currently is now (in certain cases).

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Just dropping this here in case someone searches this forum post.
It is a copy of a post I made in the Cleric community guide.

Ok, so I just did some testing as I decided to try out Kabbalist for a rank. Was appealing to me and I wanted to see how it interacted with Lycanthropy. After testing, it seems that it is noticeable boost for Lycanthropy (Wolf) damage.

You’re probably like, well duh its a 20% bonus to Max MATK. The thing is though, a 20% boost to Max MATK does not average to an actual 20% boost when your MATK range is used for your skills. In actuality its more of a 10% boost in MATK range. However the way Lycanthropy (Wolf) works, this becomes a genuine 20% boost to your MATK range.

To explain:
We know that Lycanthropy (Wolf) uses both MATK + PATK, However it wasn’t fully stated how this actually is formulated. What happens is that Lycanthropy (Wolf) uses your Max MATK plus your Min/Max PATK.

Based on my testing, the formula for your actual total attack range in Lycanthropy (Wolf) is:
PATK range (In Wolf) = (Min PATK + Max MATK) ~ (Max PATK + Max MATK)

For example here is my current MATK and PATK with Kabba attribute.
This means that when I go into Lycanthropy (Wolf) my wolf skills now use an attack range of:
24,973 ~ 25,760 (PATK)

God I love Theory Crafting



Is that still better than having the higher Matk/Patk of a 2-handed mace though? Staff of Kaballah only works with one-handed weapons after all.

But yeah I love hybrid druid builds, they’re so fun…or they were before lycanthropy’s SP drain became so hard to play around.

are you using any transformation? I’m looking for one that has a buff but it’s been so long since I used it that I don’t remember all the options, was the safety zone removed from the monsters? the old heal is still available (I tested it yesterday)

Whelp, looks like with the change to druid, Lycanthropy no longer uses both physical and magic attack for its damage. It now uses whatever damage type you have it attributed to. There goes that cool interaction… So now you either focus magic or physical.