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[Class] Bokor Thread

It’s literally possible, but virtually impossible. Highest I got before hitting 0 potential was +19 and this was after numerous tries and ridiculous luck.

And nu, +10 isn’t enough to beat Krausas in any fight that lasts longer than 5 seconds.

I forgot to mention. but to be fair i think we should calculate the damage of effigy every 1 loop = 6 ticks. instead of 5 seconds as a base

is it virtually impossible? you have a +19 superior corona to try this? can i know the damage you get comparing both weapons every 1 loop?

Is this including the Squire weapon buff?

Don’t think so, after all the question was only about direct enchant. With Squire’s enchant the + will be less.

Anyway, the best (monetary) option is swaping to Krausas before Effigy and changing back to other skills.

Yeah, was curious if a Squire buff actually pushes that + down to a reasonable level like sub 15.

Nu, not +19 Superior. Thanks to this thread ’ [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact! ', we can do the math without it though (The +39 was a randomly thrown in number, even though it might still be possible to go that high since iCBT2 had a +40).

We’ll use the DMG of a +10 Superior Corona Rod, which is reasonable to achieve, and would be 402 in total from the weapon ( Can be checked here: ).

Assume base Magic Attack is at 800 w/o a weapon equipped (Achievable without much difficulty by Lv280), 100% Effigy Attribute, no Magic Amp, no enemy DEF, no elemental/level penalties, and Effigy Lv15 (Will use 3.07 as the Mean/Bonus for Effigy because of RNG factor).

T1/T2(?)* = Effigy Bonus attack
T3 = Hexing: Darkness (Attribute)

* Unless I’m doingitwrong, Effigy Bonus damage sometimes doesn’t calc properly at Lv15 and goes under the minimum damage (And probably other levels also).

+10 Superior Corona Rod (+402):

1 Loop (6 ticks) = 47982
1st hit: 4732
2nd hit: 4732
3rd hit: 14527

Krausas Mace (+72):

1 Loop (6 ticks) = 47301
1st hit: 3874
2nd hit: 11893

Nani?! Guess it does get beaten by another weapon without having to spend a fortune. I said that Krausas was the best Effigy weapon for months… I can see the backlash now…


I am not a number person, but i can actually feel the ‘slight’ different between my krausas and +5 Superior corona.

hence the question.

I am glad to know that +10 would actually surpass that base on your calculation.

with superior corona in the lead, being it can still be able to be buffed up by squire.

Hey thanks for the quick feedback !

Yeah I wasn’t sure about Daino, and it’s no problem to drop Aukuras. It’s fun to use that to lure things!

That’s really good to know about zombify. Damballa looks fun, I hadn’t been sure about the max # thing, so that’s easy to balance out. I’d read that Samediveve should be at an odd number because of the reduction for the player?

Moved around Oracle and PD skills. I was sleepy when I was making this, change is really useful esp with a thaum. on hand for farming rares lol. I have to have my crow mask, so pandemic can lose one.

I have another question, I have a couple of spare skill potions lying around. Is there a different build of skills you would recommend for leveling up to c6 vs the end one?

I really appreciate the feedback. I’ve been trying to do a lot of research, can’t wait to get my zombies and goof around with hex/ef.

OPH speaking of! Isn’t there a weapon that moves effigy’s bonus from 3rd to 2nd hit? Is that useful or not?

Caught me at the right time since I’m about to head out, so you get another fast response.

Yup, and at a minimum level of 5.

Nope, the current advice stands for early and end-game.

Yup, it’s the Krausas Mace (Just finished discussing it in the posts before yours). You should be able to buy it on the Market for 250-300k, or farm it at the map Guard’s Graveyard from Spoiled Coliflower Archer’s. It’s very useful specifically for the Effigy skill, and you’ll be using it (when damaging with Effigy. You can switch to a Rod weapon once you hit Lv170/220) until you can invest in an upgraded Superior Corona Rod.

Or 4 with you have Divine Might, better make it clear D:

well my build has krivis instead of c2 cleric XD

Time to start saving for the mace and I’ll move point around to get what you suggest. :slight_smile: Thanks again for the quick advice, I’m sure I’ll have other things to pester you and everyone else as I level up!

Or I might try to get the drop actually. That spot isn’t a totally horrible place for my character to lvl that I’m working on atm… +_+


How high do I have to enhance the superior corona to beat this one?

Assuming your Superior Coro has the Effigy Gem in it too, +8.

Either way, Superior Coro would still need to be used for your other magic skills (Especially Damballa/Carnivory/Incineration), so would need one sooner or later. If you’re not worried about optimization though since the damage difference isn’t huge, you could stick with that Catacombs Club for your other magic skills until you can get a Lolopanther Rod.

Superior corona +10 here i come !

anyway, how much is effigy gem in your server? i am at telsiai, never seen any people shout selling one

[quote=“Sixaxis, post:501, topic:242687”]
It makes CC’ing and keeping Zombie presence up easier.

Not on Pardoner, on Oracle’s monster-altering skills. [Chops]

And yeah, forgot to mention that if you go the Pardoner money-making route, it’d pretty much be an alt-character that you park in a city or grinding map while you play something else.

[/quote]Thanks fam, will drop points from Mackangdal into Zombify then. Making it into a pure pve build after all, the amount of CON I’d need for GvG on this character turned me off. (Though I might still do it anyway on a dedicated GvG Diev3>Druid>Kabba)

-ischopped- sorry about that, misread XD

Pardoner feedback was still probably useful to the person in question though. Even as an afk character, it’s generally pretty awful money unless specifically kept at Pardoner c1 for Simony lv1, from my research. (and Pard c1 allows you to keep the character functional)

[quote="Edward, post:502, topic:242687, full:true"] Or you can specifically buy buff from your own shop

Save money = Get money
[/quote]Still too little money saved tho… and you only really use Pardoner buffs for leveling, anyway.

Been over a Month since I’ve seen someone selling it and he didn’t disclose a minimum price, only doing a Eustace “What’s your offer?” to me (Only willing to pay 700k for it since the multiplier damage from it isn’t that serious).

If you want to, you could grind for it here:

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I saw that. Feel free to come back anytime when you’re ready. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sorry XD I delete that post and make a new thread about it instead so more people can see.

but since you saw it, is it worth to build entire character around Effigy?

Be patient bro

Bokor is the least popular class out there, and the people going to answer your other thread is probably the same people who roam around this thread too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)