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Christmas Stamp Tour Event

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Christmas Stamp Tour Event’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

“Who can participate? New Season Server users”
What? Is that correct? There’s no mention on any notices that you guys are opening a new season Server.

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STEP 1. Visit the Magic Association NPC in Klaipeda and Orsha and select the ‘Participate in Stamp Tour’ dialogue option to begin your TOS Stamp Tour.

STEP 2. You will receive a Tour Journal when having participated in the event, which contains various missions you can complete to obtain rewards.

After participating and receiving the Tour Journal, will this apply to the whole team, or only the character that signed-up?


Please don’t make us create a new character for this … O,O no!

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Greetings savior,
It has been corrected.
Every savior can participate in this event!
Thank you for your support:)

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Greetings, savior!
The Journal can be shared by the team.
Once one character receives the Journal, every character can participate in the event!
Hope this will help you understand the event:)


Thank you for clearing it up!


Enchant Goddess Equipment 20 times during the Tour

I suppose this means using jewels? Not everyone has alts with goddess equips that don’t have enchants, otherwise you need to waste 20 of those precious goddess jewels for this, which is ridiculous…

Participate in Team Battle League 15 times during the Tour

Haha I like this, will make TBL people happy to have some matches to clear this mission.

Clear Res Sacrae Raid : Auto Match (Hard) 30 times during the Tour

Need to get 30 vouchers and 1500 raid portal stones… AND THEN find automatch 30 times. Yeah, never gonna happen…

Clear Superior Bounty Hunt 10 times during the Tour

Same. Takes too damn long to get a single superior order, getting 10 is out of question unless you spend all your playtime farming in Ashaq area.

Exchange House Setup Support 10 times during the Tour

Don’t even know what this mean (never cared about housing system in ToS, never will)…

Anyway, this is just to get another batch of expirables and a crappy costume, so yeah let’s just enjoy a free month without event chores and get as many AP coupons as we can for our alts…

Its kinda sad I accidentally clicked on the Arts Resets Rewards … they are only 7 days duration and 7 days once more after selecting a class tree to use it …

Wish it was 30 days or something in box form … now I have 4 boxes expiring in in a week …

There is no in-game indication to start the event except the link to event webpage.

If newbie don’t talk to the magic association npc and pick the dialogue, they wont get to join the event.

Such a basic thing. Always like this… for every freaking event.

Note to self: one of the mission rewards is 10x res hard extra reward vouchers and those also count for the res hard mission, so in fact you only need to do 20 runs and not 30 (15 if you have saved 5 other reward vouchers).

Also to remember: once you interacted with the NPC, you need to close the UI to refresh it, so the growth missions get updated (you don’t need to complete advancement/reach level 460 ones if you already have one character satisfying the conditions).

i hate stamp tour
yknow in other game people would stream their gameplay because interesting events?
stamp tour like event, in any game, and here tos specifically, is just boring milestone event

Stamp tour is costless event, they just need to tweak things a bit, very affordable, kinda cheap and it suits their situation rn

Since when didn’t we get an original event that is not copy paste of “farm this to buy expirables” or plain rerun of a past event? I have no clue…