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Character locked in a localization

I can not log my main character on any channel in the map, but my other character enter normally :sob:
My character here in Feretory Hills, i can log on any 8 chanells

não consigo logar na minha principal, ela ta presa no Feretory Hills, e não da pra logar por nenhum dos 8 canais, mas o meu outro personagem loga normalmente.

Localization refer to the translation of the game and preparing the software for a different marketplace, so they mean text errors, broken English, etc. Not “location”, OK? Wrong place, post in “Gameplay Bug Report > Game Content” instead. Also, did you try changing channels already? That’s their official suggestion on solving this issue, but I’m not sure if it works for everyone who gets stuck. Probably you should open a support ticket!

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This is not the appropriate section of the forums where your issue can be handled. Like @brun0s3nr4 said; you’re better off at submitting a Support Ticket.

Next time, please read any pinned topics ( in a category before you submit a topic.

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