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Change is an important Oracle skill for the Druid class. Please do not remove it


Druid’s do not have much left that was present from the start, the class has been entirely dismantled and with the incoming nerfs to Transform, it will become useless. However it doesn’t have to be.

Sequioa is a very usuable Transformation for PvP. If Change is kept within the game, players will still have access to the Sequioa transform, which means they can use it’s knock downs to actually land Chortasmata on a player, which under normal circumstances should never be landing on a player unless thorns.

Thorns + Chortasmata, regardless of any buffs to crit damage or attack, is not enough to kill a player, even will Awoo damage boost, it’s not even close, this is a bad skill, however with Sequioa skills it can become more usuable.

The issue here is how much is being taken away from Druid, but not given back, there are quite a few other classes in a simular situation but it’s especially bad for Druid. With transform up time being nerfed for no reason, as well as losing the stats gained from it, the only thing that can save it that currently exists is the access to Sequioa for it’s effective CC. Without any of these there is no reason for the skill to even exist, might as well remove it, which I assume is what you plan to do with the next Druid nerf…