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Catagoon build good for pve

was gonna make a drgoon c2 build with sword-pel-hop-cata c3-dragoonc2 is this a good build for pve

Yeah, just IMO. Another variant is Sw2 Pel1 skipping Hop1 for more P.Barrier time (super useful especially in current end-game maps where mobs can knock you back/down) and Restrain, while just at lv.5, isn’t bad especially when coupled with Rush and multihit Goon skills (just use a Durandal when buffing and get a Seedmia gem = ez lv.8 Restrain).

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Yeah but isnt it harder to lvl up like that anyway can you tell me what will be a good stat distribuation for this build

Sw2 pelt cata3 goon2 is my build…I managed to rank 7 in 6 days…so…no its not hard to level…and
As what biskee said…p barrier 10 is a must…if only we can have 15 too though…kd are so ■■■■■■■ annoying…and restrain 5 is good enough in pvp…even in high level maps is needed now…which you need to stun those OP mobs…

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Only hardcore can lvl to r7 in 6 days but still, no build with cata3 will be hard to lvl to r7.

catagoon will have hardest time around late 260’s, when you have to rely on rush a lot if you solo maps… but when you reach rank 8 you’re back to business, dethrone is badass :stuck_out_tongue: Overall I solo’ed till rank 8, so yeah it’s a decent pve build.

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this is just a bunch of text

Tbh lv5 restrain, lv10 concentrate and lv10 pain barrier are all very good for PvE, and arguably better than lv5 finestra and lv5 stabbing (lv5 pierce and lv5 synchro thrusting sux donkey ****) but depends on your preference.

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I just followed xan’s leveling guide…and with the help of instance reset vouchers…:smiley:


Thats what im doing as well, minus your level of free time.

this is just a bunch of text

So what can be better sowrdc2-hop-catac3-dragoonc3 or sword-pel-hop-catac3-dragoon c2

honestly I prefer sw3 cata3 dragoon c2 or sw2 pelt cata3 dragoon c2.

sword hop2 corsair 2 dragoon c2 is worth considering as well. (but is not really catagoon anymore)

Yeah i know but i really like the cata and i also like the hop class and i herad it complements one another well so i was wandering if it is ok to instead of going both pel and sowrd2 i could take one of them and take also hop if its still good then who will be better and also what ratio of str/con/dex should i allocate

if you really like hoplite, then it’s fine. It’s not really a big deal, just follow your heart.

Hoplite will probably get buffed again, cuz pierce and synchro thrust both suck too much right now. Get a zega spear for longer uptime for finestra and you’re set.

Swordsman overall is in good shape, and we got many viable choices ever since r8.

To each his own I guess.

I’ll try to temporarily throw bias out the window (I’m Sw3) and explain my point (for going Sw2 instead of taking Hop1) based on personal experience, what’s on theory and what’s on paper (number crunching!).

###Hop C1

Having made a Sw1 Pel1 Hop1 X as well I feel like Hop only becomes truly future-proof at C2 w/ Spear Lunge’s debuff.

At just C1, while the Block +10% bonus from Finestra is always nice, the flat +50 crit rate boost kinda falls off later on, especially with high level mobs having more crit resistance and easier access to high-level green gems (gimmick quests for abrasives, tradeable via AH/P2P).


Stabbing is always nice to have as filler though.

Both Pierce and Synchro, as @fatedhour said, sucks too much at the moment and falls off fast and very hard as you progress through the game. Powercreep will make both skills useless so that’s 5 skill points wasted on a rank. By the time you hit Goon2, you won’t have slots in your rotation to accommodate either of the two.

###Sword C2

While the extra 5 seconds increase from getting P. Barrier to lv.10 seems lackluster on paper, you’ll appreciate it better once you hit Dragoon2.

With the upcoming nerf to Serpentine’s debuff (10s to 5s), you will want to maximize your damage output as much as possible during the duration which would be barely enough to cycle through your Goon skills (Serp > 2x Dethrone > Soar > D.Tooth).

It’s a waste of 100% damage boost if you land the debuff but get knocked back/down.

Better Concentrate and having a taste of Restrain are a bonus.

###Pel C1

Swashbuckling is always a tank staple.

Guardian, while situational, helps with tanking as well especially you are a 1:1 or high-DEX build. While it does reduce damage, you can always just cancel the buff off when it’s time to inflict hell on the mobs.

One thing’s for sure, Pelt’s Shield Mastery: Block class attribute (passive 25% block increase when wearing shield) scales so good. With the new shields having high mDef as well, it’s going to help you tank better.

###Sw2 Pel1 vs Sw1 Pel1 Hop1

Sw1 Pel1 Hop1 has somewhat become a meta for a lot of sword builds for a good reason. The all-around utility it provides is obvious. But it’s reasonable to consider that this build was based on pre-R8 content.

Now that R8 is here, it’s important to revisit old meta builds and reconsider our choices. Mobs have higher HP, hits more, CCs more. We get to have better gear, new options to improve damage output, etc.

Of course, all these are based on current content that we have. Things may change again come R9. IMO no build is truly future-proof in this game.

To end, just remember:

A disabled DPS is no DPS.

@razm2888 looking forward to your guide. I was thinking of creating one as well for Sw3 Cata3 Goon2 but I already have a lot of other guides to maintain. I might if there’s decent demand for it (so effort doesn’t go to waste).

Fine i will take your advice and go sword2-pel but will i not lack ofensivse skills

You should have enough once you reach Cata3. You’ll rock hard once you reach Goon2.

You’ll have better leveling experience than us Sw3 (we’re meant for PVP anyways) since you have Pelt.

I’d advice take Pel C1 at Rank 2 then Sw C2 at Rank 3 so you can have Swashbuckling to help you ASAP.

this is just a bunch of text

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Ok and how about the stat alocation