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"Cat and Mouse" quest in Tenet Church 2F


I wrote a ticket to support but they didn’t anwer the question otherwise sent me to forum^ Actually I don’t like it much since my start in this game begins from bugs and/or ignoring from support.

The problem: Pillars where you need to insert the collected fragments at are unclickable for me, they have no any hitbox. Since it’s a main quest I’m just unable to progress and stucked at this point. If somebody knows how to avoid that glitch and pass the quest any advice is appreciated^

Are you using mouse mode?
If yes, switch to keyboard, a lot of the game quests cant be triggered with mouse click

Tyvm, sir! You saved my soul^

Nice to meet good people here.


There’s another topic about it:

Mouse mode was always o little buggy, but in one of the last patches it got worse
Edit: I played with mouse since the game release but I gave up of it, in the beginning of this year.

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I was doing some level 300 quests recently which involved clicking stuff and couldn’t so I switched to keyboard.

  1. The “Space” trigger is really tricky to get
  2. When you press “Space” 99% of the time nothing happens because your character turns around and looks for a target that is not there (probably some mob out of LOS)

Good luck doing quests in the current state of the game… :tired:

And what takes the cake: doing some CM and literally being surrounded by mobs, using a skill that does nothing, trying again and seeing a big window appearing saying “THERE IS NO TARGET”. :haha: