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Casting clairvoyance before fade

This is just personal gibberish. Its filled with subjective opinion. Its meant for my own personal use later if i ever planned to get back to the game to decide whether should i get back to the game. theres actually no point reading. commenting or criticizing my subjective opinion cause i wont read it anyway. but suit yourself, its open forum

In case somebody visit this thread i just want to say that i leave the game and i feel like i need to do something fun myself before i left
no its not doing giltine dungeon, or any other latest in game content
but as title said, its casting clairvoyance means predict what/how will the game be in the future

before that i just want to say that the game is recently felt so boring to my taste
i cant say myself im not open up for endgame content, i did
i was even plan to take a hiatus before ep13 patch, and even with the previous nasty state of the game where you cant shout/queue and new week new bug like always, i still managed to play day by day

i almost complete what i myself think endgame gear like completing my luciferi set, lv4 vv weapon, some lv 4 seals to craft lv 5 but i dont have the balls because teliavelis smirk at me alot, lv 3 res sac, unlocking dahlia card in a week and many other stuffs i thought is completed
but somehow somewhere i feel lost
to the point that i cant enjoy the game anymore and felt like its nothing but chores
the game, or video game to be precise, is still charming in its video/art aspect [sadly maggi leave]
but the game aspect, meh

ofc even though its game you still need to work to achieve implicit game milestones especially if you are f2p like me
but i flabbergasted by the fact that i used to login to have some fun, thats the main reason we play game
and now i feel lost because each time i login i feel somewhat burdened

in old ages i used to manage a game grind by login everyday, slaying thousands thousands of mobs everyday just to get tiny bit experience to level up, failed to get the drop i need, or used all my saving for rng contents and failed in the process
but for tos, idk, the experience is kinda bland
im so sure the problem is not 100% about me but also what the game provides
maybe its no more appealing to me, maybe its no more my cup of tea

funny cause when i back to the game almost a year ago after another long hiatus as well i feel i have a lot to catch up
but now i realized theres nothing to worry about because they tend to make things easier, and old yet not so obsolete stuffs are tend to get cheaper, even to a crazy sum
i remember wasted my self on couple 10m magic stones which now worth less than 500k lol, 20m goddess debris which now worth 2m or 100m seal that now worth 30m and many other stuff where i could save silver and most importantly time
i couldve use my me time for another source of more promising fun and stay away from grinds that i felt like it go to waste over something that others(f2p) who recently just join the game can get easily without having to “suffer” that much like me (no argue for p2w who can just swipe their credit card)

so yeah, enough of that, back to what im gonna do, casting clairvoyance before i fade
im just gonna list what the clairvoyance result.

  • higher level cap
  • new raid that require lv 460 and provide new lv 460 goddess tier gear which works like 430 legend tier gear
  • new accesories with previous luciferis as its mat, this time its goddess tier
  • new goddess tier type for another gears like seal and arks
  • arch stone acquisition become easier because they have this new “arch stone” up their sleeve
  • probably new gear type simply because there is still some vacant space in gear section
  • recycle old orsha region maps for future level maps, maybe its mob as well to save more money
  • increasing level requirement for content everytime higher level cap hits like how they change min lv requirement for dcp, wbr etcs instead of making [not so new] content
  • we will see more old content that nobody want get recycled like res sacrae dungeon
  • instead, content that full of joy and explorative value like treasure hunt, field collection, journals and so on will still neglected
  • keep focusing on meta classes, because thats where their source of money from, to make them stay, happy and most importantly pay
  • they will still neglect my favorite classes/build, maybe even nerf it for unknown reason
  • yellow class still neglected af
  • more premium voucher, more multipliers, more colors, for more not-so-new content
  • instead of making new ichorable weapon that will cost them too much development time and money, they amp up vaivora transmutation level and making vaivora acquisiton easier. event to get vaivora become more common.
  • same with ichorable armors, they amp up goddess/demon set transmutation level and make the acquisition easier by paying
  • selling vaivora box, or maybe vv selection box.
  • selling goddess/demon armor box
  • now they only sell 3 high grade transmutor, later they may make a pack of 15 or maybe more. like bg box and 777 bg cubes
  • singu token and sole hunt made its comeback, now with bigger amount and s rank
  • they sell relief supply bag box and in the end they will sell goddess card box, and maybe mat to make it lv 10, and they will milk it slowly
  • after long wait they finally sell boruta card lv 10 and maybe also legend giltine card and the mats to make it lv 10 but again they will milk it slowly
  • theres more but its no longer fun to write more than this

i hope i have the power of resetting