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Cant enter the game lol

Well, in the daily struggle that is to play the game these days, i happened to get softlocked while automatching, as you do, so i had to close and restart the game, since when that happens you cant even go to char select

But this time, after i closed the game and opened it back up, i can enter the char select screen like normal, but when i try to log in it just shows the “Entering World” message and nothing happens after lol it just doesnt log in even if i wait a little and this happens with every single char

So yeah, i guess the game is literally unplayable now lol has anyone else had this happen too?

either connection problem, or maybe the channel crashed. had this issue for about 5mins 2 weeks ago.

yeah, thought it might be a channel crash but even if i try to log in with a char in a different map it doesnt work

i’ll take it is a connection problem, given the state of the game right now, it just weirded me out since this hadnt happen before

yup, also happened. same thing, i just waited and then got back in.

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aaahh good to know, thank you, guess i’ll just wait it out a little bit

i seem to recall, before i was able to enter, i got a notice that my char was moved to another channel. then after that i was able to enter

It’s just that all the channels on the city you were logged in crashed. Happened to me a while ago with Orsha, and since 90% of my chars were based there I couldn’t play. Was easy to check: I had one char in Fedi city and could connect, but couldn’t go back to Orsha. This fixed itself after a few minutes when the channels were working again.