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Can't complete "Not Able to Meet Again" quest

Date and Time: August 11th, 2020, 03:28 PM (Silute server time);

Server Name: [S. America] Silute;

Team Name: Struudou;

Character Name: Azrael;

Bug Description: Can’t find “Innocent Spirit” NPC, thus making the “Not Able to Meet Again” (rewards +1 CON) quest impossible to complete. The NPC is never present on the Seven Valley Dungeon map, after it was transformed into a Lv.400 Weekly Rotation Dungeon map;

(Longer version below, if needed!)

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Enter Lv.400 Weekly Rotation Dungeon Map on a Tuesday;
  2. The “Innocent Spirit” NPC can’t be found anywhere at the Seven Valley Dungeon map;
  3. Can’t complete the “Not Able to Meet Again” quest;

Screenshots / Video:

Below is a very old screenshot, when the NPC could still be found:

Long Version:

I’ve been trying to complete the secret quest “Not Able to Meet Again” (see: This quest was previously available at the Seven Valley Mission Dungeon, by talking to the Receptionist Ramda NPC at the Mercenary Post. A long time ago, the Mercenary Dungeon content was removed from the game. It’s still possible to access the Seven Valley Map through the Lv.400 Weekly Rotation Dungeon, but only on Tuesdays, since the Lv. 400 Dungeon changes map everyday. This makes this quest a lot harder to complete.

To access this quest’s NPC, you need to pass through a barrier present on the map, either by completing a hidden event within the Dungeon that removes it, or by using a “teleportation skill”, such as Wizard’s “Teleportation” or Dragoon’s “Dragon Fall” to pass through.

I’ve completed all the known requirements to do this quest (see: Hidden Quest, Con+1), managed to complete the hidden event needed to open the barrier (see: Hidden Quest, Con+1) and couldn’t find the NPC there (see attached screenshots). I believe that this quest is bugged, and the NPC won’t appear anymore, since the original way to access this map has been modified.

If you can, please upvote this thread for the staff to see and fix this problem. Please, help me complete the contents that I love!

Cheers, Struudou.


i have the same problem, i gave up lol. its the last stat quest i need to complete, ive completed the rest. for some people it appears, but for others it doesnt, no one could figure out why

Same, I could not complete this quest after they changed Seven Valley into a 400dg instance.

I believe that this quest is just bugged. Tried with three different people, no one could find the NPC.

same problem here
/20 char

Please more attention this problem

Greetings Savior,

We will forward this report for further investigation. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thanks for the quick response! We’ll be looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Hi, any update regarding this?
I also didn’t not see the NPC , after pass thru the Barrier. I’ve done

im still unable to complete it here :frowning: every week im hopeful and i go take a look lol
only to be crushed in disappointment

anyone that didnt get this able to get it at all yet? npc still doesn’t appear for me

still bugged