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Can't advance to Shinobi?

I used a Shinobi unlock voucher on my scout when I first got to Klaipeda. It said to wait until 2nd advancement, so I picked rogue. I’m doing a PVE DPS build, don’t worry lol.
Now I’m finally class level 45 and can do the 2nd spec. I click on Shinobi and the advance button remains grayed out. I tried talking to the scout master, couldn’t find the Shinobi master in the lvl 200+ area they’re usually in, and I am not looking through those friggen’ pots for 12 hours just to figure out I can’t get the note cause the class is unlocked already.

What do?

could you post and image of your advancement tab?_?

also, did you used all the skill points on your previous class?_?

Here you go, as of now I’ve spent the 1 class point I had left over, still no dice

hmm!!! interesting and you said you couldn’t find Shinobi on mesafalsa?_?

did you check her location on a guide?_?

does it says you have shinobi unlock on F1…

could be the voucher indeed… but I had no problem with my appraiser and was same thing…

Yep, isn’t there.
I’ve sent in a ticket, really hope this can be resolved because I don’t have the title either.

Do your F1 screen show Shinobi unlocked?

It doesn’t, just figured out where to look. So what then, the hidden class voucher didn’t work??

most likely… where did you got it from and what did it said?_?

also any crash or ui error while using it?_?

EDIT: you could prob ask support for an extra one and to check why the one you used did nothing…

I got it from the returning saviors event. I have a lvl 300+ Sage with rune caster unlocked and they gave me the hidden class unlock voucher ‘on the house’ so to speak for the re:build update I think. When I tried to use it on my Sage it said I had to be a Scout base class to use it so I made a Scout and used team storage to send it to him. It took me 3 days to get to 2nd spec and that brings us to the present time. The voucher just didn’t do anything then? That’d be extremely disappointing and I have already opened a ticket.

I see!

That reminded me of this

which means Returning items might be bugged for some/all players @GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri

Ugh, I might just buy the freakin’ thing tomorrow if the ticket doesn’t do anything. I’ll update this thread if I do.

They might give compensation if it is affection more people or just do so as their problem is on their side…

I say try to get a free one if you can, sad I cant trade mines as I got some been wasted :frowning: