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Cannot connect to all server


Hi, I’m new here. I have installed ToS yesterday, I can launch it, but when I want to connect to a server the system keep telling me “Your access to the game is currently restricted due to a maintenance or other reason”. I have tried to reinstall it once and connect to all of the server for hours but the system keep telling me the same. What should I do?


there was a maintenance yesterday so, it depends when you tried…

but for what I have read it seems the problem still persist, from where are you trying to play and what does the steam page says?_?


I know there wa a maintenance yesterday, so I just wait for it until the maintenance finished. Then I launch ToS and tried to connect to all 4servers one by one, but the system(ToS system) keep telling me the same.

I have tried to connect to all servers again, but still the same

I have met the recommended system requirement for the game

Steam also didn’t tell me anything.

I don’t know what to do


Verify local cache on steam (right click on game name> Property > Local… > Verify )

also, are you using any vpn or stuff like that?_?


You by any chance, Indonesian?

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Thank you for your help. All of my files have been successfully validated. I have tried to connect to the server again, but still same.

Also I don’t use VPN


Yes, I’m from Indonesia


that’s why I asked

Indonesia is currently blocked if I remember correctly…

Sorry :frowning:

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Check your PM. I sent you a link to local discord.


That’s allright bro, thank you for helping me. I can sleep on peace now

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