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Cannoneer/Musketeer skill build help

Hi everyone,

as I cant seem to find many builds I Was wondering if some of you could suggest a skill build for the following classes:


Are these decent classes to choose? I am open for other suggestions, main thing I wanna keep is cannoneer and musketeer.

I am looking for a build I can do most content solo with as well as some easy leveling, so some aoe build would be Nice.
I am kinda lost on which skills for cannoneer and musketeer I should pick, for falconeer it is clear to me as there are many builds available with falc.

Thanks in advance

My build as example. Notice that I don’t take falc because I already have ran-falc-merg and want to avoid repeating class.



  • I like cannon barrage and I even take [weight reduction] attribute. It fills downtime gap very well.
  • Smoke grenade is ninja nerfed. It used to silence mobs (include boss) by not anymore recently. So I relocate points to cannon blast instead.
  • Siege burst for CC and destroy magic circles as before.


  • Max stockades, broom trap, spike shooter.
  • At least lv1 of spring trap, leghold trap, punji, detonate trap. The rest doesn’t matter much.



  • I wish I can max covering fire but lack of skill points.
  • Headshot is strong even at lv1.
  • Pen. shot obviously max.
  • Grooving is nice when AA waiting for cd or repositioning
  • Volleyfire is weak and troublesome to utilize its AOE.
  • Max serenity for very fast cast.
  • I chose to max snipe because it has the best growth factor, you may leave at lv1 and max covering fire instead.

This musk build lacks AOE. Wugushi skills can help but mostly dont hit flying enemies and have long cd. You would need falc and/or AOE attack ratio gear to mob with musk.

My feeling is that in archer tree, you cant go wrong picking falc and pied. But for cannon and musket, hunt+falc provide CC and AOE which are very needed as they are mostly immobile (bazooka/serenity).

Wow, thank you so much for your input! Your builds are looking good. I just read that often that falconer is pretty much required as archer because of how good it is. If I would replace pied with falcon, do you reckon the build would still work or would I lack cc too much?

I’ll give both of these a try, tyvm :slight_smile:

Hey man. Can i ask you few questions about Cannoneer?
Does Kneeling Shot: Precise Attack attribute works with Bazooka by any chance?
Does Kneeling Shot works with Bazooka?
Thanks in advance.

If you mean cannon-sapper-falc, it’s good. CC is mostly useful while solo. In party is not much needed because there are healer and maybe other CC class already.

I haven’t tested it after rebuild but kneeling shot never works with bazooka for as long as I can remember.


Still, QS is great pared with Cannoneer. Deploy Pavise gives such a nice buff now that every boss knocks you down over and over again.
For cannon i’d go: Cannon-QS-XXX
XXX = Falco, wugushi or sapper.

*I have a Wugu - Sapper - Piper so my Cannon ended up being Ranger as a placeholder for next cannon class.

does Bazooka reduce that animation needed for some skills? Cannon Blast has the character kneel down before firing, if I have Bazooka active will Cannon Blast skip into firing instead of kneeling down first?

Cannon Blast doesn’t require any kind of keeling when firing.
The character, standing, fires then places the cannon vertically, then is ready to shoot again. So when using Bazooka, you’ll stand up normally, fire and kneel afterwards back to Bazooka.

Bazooka makes it worse because cannon blast post cast delay can be cancelled by moving after skill cast. Bazooka makes player unable to move so player stuck in animation.

Pre-cast same as @Carrossel stated.

I was looking for skill synergies for Cannoneer, and for my first look I felt that using sapper would be a good pick because you can add claymores for bonus damage with smoke grenade, and also protect yourself with traps. Are there any opinions on whether that’s actually strong in practice?

Claymore is not worth using at the moment because of low dmg.

Sapper with cannon is good because :

  • punji, spring, leghold help with crowd control as bazooka makes player immobile.
  • main sapper skills (broom,spike) are cast and forget with long CD so player won’t have to cancel bazooka to cast them often. (Bazooka only allow cannon skills)

Sapper is strong because spike shooter deals insane dmg (can do multiple hits vs large target). Also broom trap has big AOE and high dmg.

I’m running cannon-sap-pied but I have to replace either with matross soon. It is tough decision nonetheless.

Is running shoot from Quarrel still strong with Cannoneer?

Running Shot was deleted from the game. :3

I’m thinking about doing either
falc > sap > cannon
cannon > sap > pied

Which class mix would you guys recommend more?

I’m not much of a Sapper, so I have both Pied Piped and Falconer in my Cannoneer build. In your case, I would choose Pied Piper.
And @pathapol seems to enjoy his build with Pied Piper, maybe we can get a little help.

Also, I would start to think about Matross, which is probably arriving next week (May 15).

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For overall performance, falc is better but not by far. Mostly for increase hitbox which shine the most with spike shooter.

I prefer pied mainly because I want to avoid repeating class (already got on other char). Also cc ability for solo play.

Some synergies:

  • hypno flute + broom trap
    Walk in opposite direction of broom trap to increase hit count
  • hypno flute + stockades
    Simply lure mobs into stockades
  • (in-class) spring trap + stockades
    Bounce mobs into stockades
  • Fredenslied + broom / spike shooter
    CC mobs while traps dealing dmg
  • wiegenlied + sweeping cannon
    CC mobs to bazooka + sweeping positioning and guaranteed crit
  • some other useful CC from punji, leghold,dissonance to compensate bazooka immobility

These are why I am very reluctant to replace either with matross. But matross has superior CC so why not?

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So, i’m looking for an archer build to solo content, since my Mergen get tied to a party now, and i don’t want to repeat classes so much hahaha
Is Musketeer good for soloing?