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Cadet Kieravnaus at your service

(Sorry for grammar errors, I’m not an English native speaker.)
Newbie here ( and also in the game :’) ) It’s my first time posting and I hope I’ll have a good time in this community.

I was an avid fan of Ragnarok Online circa 2003, and now, I’m trying new MMOs to relive my RO days. Then I heard about this new ToS update (Rebuild) and take another shot (wasn’t a fan of the first build.) So far so good!

My character is currently lvl 150+, classes are Archer>Musketeer>Falconer>???
What do you think is the best next class should I take? Feel free to give some tips :


It depends on what you’re focusing on that character (farming, bossing, just fun etc). But you should take a look on Tiger Hunter, it’s a new musket-focused class.

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I could do that, I’m aiming for farming type, though still learning more about the game’s economy.

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Chibi! insta fave! XDD

You can choose sapper for clearing CM or the tiger-something class that uses musket for PVP XDD

hunter falcon musket is pretty good too for farming