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Build for a casual player

I’m a newbie that want to play in a casual way. I just plan to play through the story and test out how some classes work. I don’t plan to play the most endgame content or competitively so I have some leeway for mistakes or poor choices.

Usually when playing games I choose as I go, but here I am suddenly presented with 15 options and I’m having a hard time telling what each class is exactly, concisely about with just skill descriptions.
Because of “roleplaying” reasons I’m looking for a build that focuses on magical damage and finishes with rune caster (even if it seems to be a buff class!) preferably through their own means rather than summoning demons or zombies, so that should cross out a few options like sorcerer, necromancer, bokor or warlock (shame! That flower dress was tacky but cute) although if they’re particularly fun or versatile I’m open to it. The formerly rank 1 classes pyromancer and cryomancer look like obvious choices, but also seem kind of boring?

And for the game as a whole, how unwise is it to pick classes that serve a similar/identical role? I guess optimal builds require hours upon hours of studying like RO did, but this time I want to wing it and it would be useful to know if classes in this game in general synergize better with classes with a similar purpose in order to combo/enhance their scope or if it’s better to cover more bases and look for buffs and passives that enhance your main role.

So, Rune Caster is “mandatory”. And you are not sure about Pyromancer.

Elementalist-Onmyoji-Rune Caster. Simple and good. Follow the “Hot” skills and everything is going to be ok. And, if you really want to pick Pyromancer, remove Elementalist.

Just a note that some classes, like Onmyoji, Rune Caster and Taoist, consume something to cast its spells. You can buy them from their respective master or from the Wizard Master in Klaipeda (or the submaster in Orsha).

If you want to try something different, avoid Chronomancer and Alchemist. The first is a utility class and not simple. The second is very close to trash. Everything else is fine.

Welcome to the land of the Godesses and HAVE FUN!!


That was fast. Thanks!
I didn’t notice the thing about “hot” skills (although I did notice classes), that will be useful. I’ll focus on pyro and ele and see what sounds more fun.

I expected Chronomancer to be complex from their concept alone. But I didn’t expect something called “alchemist” to be that bad, huh.

Should have known from the name but I see that in a way onmyouji is also a summon class… but I guess that it must be qutie good since I think I’ve seen it around often.

How are psichokino and sage? The former seems to be about silly gimmicks but the latter sounds interesting, it has a similar concept to RO’s even if the skills themselves are anything but.

Psychokino is a CC class, kinda weak in pve but very good at pvp. To make it work well in pve, you need Onmyoji (Firefox doubles the dps of Gravity Pole).

Sage, much like Psychokino, is good for CC in pvp, but does subpar dmg in pve. Unlike psychokino though, it doesnt really another class. Just don’t expect sage to be a top dps by any means.

And yes, onmyoji is VERY good. Has the biggest AoE sizes, low cooldowns, and very high damage.

Assuming one of your class choices has to be Runecaster (It is a good class), and assuming you are going Elementalist or Pyro as another class, I recommend taking Taoist as your 3rd class. Tri-disaster is a huge boost to Lightning, Ice and Fire dps, Lightning Charm is a big dps boost that work with any non-summon class, and Taoist has good Lightning property attacks too.

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This guide is missing the most recent updates about the skill factors and ARTs but it does a very decent job at presenting all the different classes.

If you’re really bent on becoming a rune caster it was my favorite class because of rune of giants but now between the migration of certain jobs to the scout tree and jumps now costing stamina, the skill is nearly unuseable.

Here’s a list of the notable synergies with Rune Caster :
-Warlock : Mastema inflicts a debuff that boosts holy damage like Rune of Justice
-Taoist : when in giant form you can use all the Rune Caster and Wizard skills, most of the buffs/debuffs (like Chronomancer skills) but no attack skills from the other classes. Taoist is the exception as you can use all their attack skills save for Eradication. So if rune of giant is your goal, consider Taoist.

Aaaand that’s it! The class is really lacking in cool synergies but it still does what it says it does. If your goal is to do damage then you can just pick any 2 of between pure AOE (Pyromancer, Onmyoji, Elementalist, Taoist) AOE/utility mixup (Psychokino, Cryomancer, Sage) or the single target damage classes (Featherfoot, Shadowmancer, Warlock).

Have fun and good luck with Rune Caster.

The last alt I leveled is Alchemist-Rune Caster-Sage. I wanted something to get infinite amount of potions and portals, basically support char, but with enough skills to actually level up in the fields. I would not encourage this build because Alchemist is kinda a “dead weight” (you get zero DPS skills), but Rune Caster + Sage combo is actually good! I love using Dimension Compression to group and stun mobs and then blast their face with Rune of Justice. If you pick a third class with big DPS potential (Pyromancer, Onmyoji) you could very well enjoy it.