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Bugged Instanced Dungeon Multiply token

Please Fix this Item … doesnt work when we use it on Level Dungeon …


Please do you ninja patch fix …

Edit: Redacted. This item is definitely bugged.

ha. i found another victim

also enough with player workaround
i pay for this game and i demand fix, not player workaround where i have to do this do that.
do your job imc


Please send us a support ticket with the details of your concern. Thank you.

go make a ticket
me? im done with forum thread and im so done with autoreply
just ew

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Just stop with the BS “event” this “foo” that just give regular items that are all stackable and team storageable and not bugged, no need to clog all inventories with dozens of same item that are just copies of a copy of a copy that are only for a specific event. You would simplify yourself and make players more happy…

The worst thing is that that they often are in completely different categories (some Premium, some Consumable and some Material) and sorted differently…

why would you go with [attendance]item marking when there are just 2 items with that marking and when you can actually just go with the usual [event]item or even simplistic non-marking untradable one.
it may be just item_name, not item_id but in the end it caused your devs confusion and creating more possibility of issue when you already have tons of unresolved ones.
you also not even mention that item with [attendance] marking will be deleted, cause thats how unique marking item always end up, but then again its untimed.
if by chance it will be deleted, then here you go, starting another issue again