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Bug(s) [assister & event dungeon multiplier]

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Server Name:Klaipeda

Team Name:Cardinality

Character Name:Holy

Bug Description :

  1. cannot evolve assister. fusion is fine, evolved error. when attempt to evolve the game kicked you to login screen
  2. Attendance dungeon multiplier is not working. its detected when entering dungeon but not consumed and multiplying runs.

Steps to reproduce the issue :
assister evolving error

  1. attempt to evolve assister
  2. get kicked to login screen

attendance dungeon multiplier

  1. entering dungeon with multiplying x3 on
  2. finish dungeon
  3. multiplier not consumed, dungeon run not multiplied

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : kb

System:above rec

For multiplier make sure you set it to 3x, then click on the “Apply Multiplier” button BEFORE you join the queue.

that is so informative thanks but no thanks