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Bug Report.. Item re-identify and party bug

  1. The Item Re-identify at any blacksmith cannot be repeat. i have encounter this issue this morning, i have continuously re-identify the same item, then suddenly, it does not respond any more, not DC, not lag, but after you change channel or change map, you can re-identify but just once only…

  2. The Party cannot kick, cannot change leader…

maybe use

or in chat to:

change Party Leader:

/partyleader name

kick someone from Party:

/partyban 0 name

same problem here with item re-identification. Needs to change channel just to re-identify once. @GM_Francis please help on this one. I already sent a ticket but only received auto reply. Thanks

I think some process is being stocked like this one

any updates on this?

please fix this bug, my sandra’s magnifiers will expired and don’t it’s possible to use.