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Bring back PvP Halloween Event

Please bring it back it was fun taking people’s candies.

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Best event that IMC has ever given us. Please bring it back.

The moment they bring it back, IMC just gives trash rewards unlike years ago anymore.

bring back the solmiki weapon selection reward too, please.

I was OK with the event but the reward was too much. Equivalent now would be like a Smugis Varna weapon with 2x ichors already in it

It was fun, even with the frustration of losing points when dying but people started abusing it with hackers and stuff like that killing the event at some point

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while I see this, I would like to point out that if “certain quests” still can be taken advantage to abuse this event if it really does come out

If you guys know what I am talking about, does it still works tho? been a while since I played