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Bring Back Corsair

Please bring back the old Brutallity and Double Weapon Assalt. Or buff the Jolly Roger… Or rework the class. Right now its some like a dead class with few people and low damage compared with others.

Learn the development pattern if you are still in game

They butchered classes skills and try to give them narrow identity, no more complex synergy, less control they need cause they lack resource to monitor classes synergies complexity which is why they introduced class groupies since leftover player worship numbers than fun and creativity

Imc most likely won’t release back those skills in that class but they will likely reuse it for brand new class and you will notice it when they do cause sometime or most of times they just do tiny little tweak to it

The concept of bring back has never been happen as the game is constantly changing even more messier than alpha state games

Like I said… Rework or buff the class.

Corsair today is easily the weakest Scout class. Bring skills back is one of the options I made in this request.