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Bots everywhere? Will IMC ever care?

So, looks like IMC still doesn’t care about bots running around.

Is it true that IMC allows botting?

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i think yes.

inb4 GM Francis bans you instead. lol

Not sure if I should be happy you are providing proof, or feel otherwise because you may have just taught other people how to probably bot, given the slow actions against them.

I hope they can do something about it. But atm it feels like they are losing their own battle at their own game.

I don’t think this is what they are using nowadays, that video is 1 year old, the stuff they use today is a lot more updated

lol, it took them more than 12 hours later to respond and remove youtube link of CRYSTAL CLEAR tos bot program demo, i intended to paste it to this forum to test and proved that is how much IMC care about this forum, guyz

ded game
ded forum
always giving false hope, all talk no action @GM_Francis
ded hope.

Is it maybe… weekend? And the real IMC (not forum mod ‘gm’) are not really here now?

edit: some are back now, goodluck guy

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Curious how they will react and how swift / or slow

Hello 7aniki,

please avoid sharing information or videos of illegal programs in the forums. It will be better if you send a ticket or directly message me or the staff here in forums, and provide the video evidence there so that it can be forwarded to the development team for review. On the other hand, we appreciate your concern in helping with finding ways to eliminate bots from the game.

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i think this is a result of how people think you ignored the bots situation so some cranky forum guy here also just ignore the rules
if you dont enforce the law why we need to be civil?


This is actually good to get IMC staffs attention spread the BOT vids so if everyone abuse it
like crowd the field with bots, eventually IMC will finally work on bots. Unlike now there are so many bot reports but no action… they want it to get worst before taking an action.

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hello @GM_Francis,

please avoid sharing empty promise in the forums. It will be better if you really do your job banning bot indiscriminately, and provide the video evidence of you banning them there so that it can be forwarded to the non-botter player. On the other hand, we appreciate if you really eliminate bots from the game, not just stop at finding a way.

to be frank we have been very very sick with your sweet-but-empty promises!

you always promised to investigate but never said WHEN, what a slippery trick of sentence!

are we allowed botting, @GM_Francis?
simple answer: yes or no!
if no, then why you act like a paper tiger to these botter, look fierce as tiger but harmless as paper!

and you noticed my post just from the help of flag from a forumer who cant (read & cooperate) 7 hours after it was posted.

Your post was flagged for moderator attention: the community feels something about the post requires manual intervention by a staff member.

Pathetic to both of you!


Well holy shet right on spot

Paper tiger made me lol

But seriously, yeah what the heck he has the most valid point. Game has so many bots what is the point of flagging him

Better yet make a solution so even if someone can use this bot program you the GM can provide us proof you can ban them and can actually do something about it

Otherwise it is all talk no action

As a veteran I am tired of this ■■■■. Seriously.


Amen brotha. Started playing way back, sad to see how bot’s are still rampant and all IMC does is push out cosmetics.

Buddy made a joke that IMC’s just happy to see “players” on their servers lmao.

Hey man careful, someone my “share to them” a video and you’ll get hit with “immediate” action!

It’s like they don’t even get on the game let alone manage it lol.

I will suggest reading Jean de la Fontaine’s “Les Animaux Malades de la Peste”. This is exactly what happens here: bots are a pest, but instead of eradicating them, you find someone else to take the blame and punish them.

In order to counter bots, monsters in fields and hunting grounds will no longer drop silver . High level fields and hunting grounds will drop Mercenary Badges, while low level fields will not. They plan to increase clear rewards (such as episode rewards) and quest rewards to compensate for this change.

Update on Ktos

just banned bot isnt it ezier? :tired:

but they dont do it. they make harder things. BIG BRAIN. Sh1t game