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Bot (Klaipeda 3)



I play often with Ratita, and I am completely sure that she does not use Bots, hacks or any other third party software as she being accused, I consider this report to be invalid, she told me that she is leaving the character connected to earn pp points of the event and I do the same and this is not a sanctionable action.

I check the video and the behavior presented by the character is unusual but can be due to many errors in the connection or physical problems such as the keyboard and has a real explanation, because I do not believe that someone uses a bot to stay in a location without doing anything.


Hello @nena15

Thank you for your report and providing the video link. Will be make sure to investigate this reported player. :blush:


Ratita is not a robot, as Tornado leader, I am in charge of our players entering into discord or be a friend of a member, I know her in person. We talk to her almost daily for discord, it’s a relatively old account, but she has just started playing frequently. She leaves her character connected during the night
to obtain popo point and tells me that her cat usually falls sleep at the keyboard, in fact, she slept there last night. It’s fun to confuse it with a bot, these are in the fields, are not they? and not in a city. If you have any questions, you can review your records and see that this situation dont happenes in the field.

Finally, I would like to know the name of the player who reports it, because a 40-second video with non-regular movements shows nothing, and making sure he was there all day is illogical, did he watch it all day? This seems to be a report of a player expelled from the guild by multicuenta, account was created in the forum only to make this absurd report.Screenshot_2018-11-09-10-40-51-1


Hi, that’s actually my account, yes, it’s erratic but that’s due my cat sitting on the keyboard, I do Not use any bots, and a video just a few seconds long does not say it was like that all day, I just left it there, why would I use a bot on klaipeda? What benefit would I get from it? I’m not scared at all, it’s just that it’s not fair that I’m being accused without any context or any substancial motive :slight_smile: I hope you all have a nice day

here is a picture of my cat that likes sitting on my stuff


maybe is desync or just laggy that not means is a bot o something like that, there are many players with the same problem maybe is a connection problem or like they said is a cat playing with keyboard