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BOT in guild (SoulSLASHER)

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Im 90% sure you’re gonna get a “Aimeryo992 is a bot post soon” XDD


SoulSlasher has too many botter got reported in forum. if im not wrong, then someone confirmed 2 SoulSlasher member in chat bot server. =)) Dont use SS acronym. u will touch us - SoulSilver

Hello @aimeryo992

We will further monitor the account that you have reported. Thank you .

I wanna bump this up coz SoulSlasher is still hiding that Nima dude~ Cheers to you guys~

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Dead guild :prince: :prince: :prince: :prince: :prince: :prince: :prince:

Yeah, so its been 10 days. Munchies is still botting with his/her Sorc/Necro/Sage all day all night. Do you guys even do your job? or know how to?