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Boruta is currently bugged on Silute - Please fix


On Monday the Boss was one-hitting everybody even super geared characters.
The boss was also not receiving the correct damage, he is receiving less than 10% than he should.

Today the boss DO NOT MOVE NOR ATTACK and the damage received is ridiculous low, at that pace we will need the whole week to kill if we get lucky.

Please take a look into it as soon as possible, and also please do something about the VGA errors, people are getting more than 5 VGA errors per hour including in the loading screen, it’s insane the amount of errors we are getting.


omg arkantos, even with that dr cogumelo VGA you?

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About the damage i can`t say nothing but the vgas this is clearly Dr.Cogumelo(as Know as Dr VGA) Fault. he is using a bugged build and the third year armband thas is also bugged.

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VGA error is easy to fix, just ask to Dr-Cogumelo to do not login.


It’s not only Cogumelo, we all now cannonner is giving some insane VGA, I also reported this a week ago.
But we are getting VGA error on the loading screen, and even without he logged on.
As much as it’s easier to blame a single person, that’s not everything that is giving VGA error, IMC needs to look at those things too, besides the obvious cannoneer problem.

I am really upset about those VGA it’s been more than 15 already in a single day.


Well the problem is that he is most know for abusing that kind of VGA and still doing it.


Because he is the only one playing that build lately.
The other cannoneers from our guild changed main character because they were tired of being VGAed by their own class.


Dont mess topics guys lol
What the heck are u guys doing?!


It’s been 1 hour and the boss lost only 5%, my crit damage with Kraujas full stack and Capella buff is 17k :sleepy:

Boruta is not attacking anymore

It happened 2-3 on NA and 3 times on Tels.

Not sure bug or intended, but Boruta starts to get very high damage and damage taken starts to get reduced by 75%. Kinda like Enraged mode, however there is no buff/debuff icon to indicate that

Not sure if this is known on SIlute, but unequip these 2 items now:

This 2 putas cause VGA over time/memory leak.(VGA self only) Unequip them

Good Luck


Seems like I got a lot of fans and every problem any player of my guild detects is overposted with your shits.
Everyone on the server knows the Cannoneer class is buged but no one knows why. So don’t be troll when someone try to do something to improve the game.
Just create a topic whit every screenshoots you got and post it. I recognize the class is broken but think its intentional is so little of you guys, who also have an player that plays Cannoneer.


How did you guys killed in this tanker mode?

I already warned everyone to unequip those armband, but the VGA error still happen


The Real problem there is boruta bugged we dont know how and why but its very suspicious, I suspect this is caused by acumulated echos buff. The VGAs is most caused because of the armband and Dr VGA, and is clear like water to everbody that u know how to abuse it.
Since you are faking dumbness i will tell you it is probaly the weapon swap with cannoner since only cannoner with QS give tons of VGA.


Today the boss returned to normal on the begginning.
But when it reached almost 20% he start one shoting everyone and not taking the apropiate damage anymore like yesterday.
Look the screenshot, I am hitting 8k with full stacked Kraujas and with the right debuffs
Since it’s only 20% we will try to kill him, but it will take a long, long time.


Known bug. Boruta switched to berserk mode like if it was at low hp. Happened this week on Fedimian too. The error fixed itself on Tuesday after maintenance and since Boruta was already around 40% the top guild could kill it fast enough to avoid getting the error again.

Due to the 3rd year anniversary armband glowing effect. I never get any VGA except when I play the char that is wearing that or move next to someone that is wearing one. Also some troll could be spamming vuvuzela.

You don’t. You just hope the problem gets fixed the next day. Otherwise try Priest buffs (Blessing + Aspersion) and maybe Chaplain (Aspergillum + Cappella), it’s the only things that don’t seem to be affected by Boruta’s berserk state.

The first time it happened on Fedimian, Boruta was loaded with Poison Pot debuffs from Wugushi players. The second time, one of our lovely resident suicided on Boruta, so maybe he had a stack of echos… no idea. Anyway it’s a good idea not to get the echos while fighting Boruta, as they don’t give anything but hindering the other guilds if you do PvP. No idea what such buff gives to Boruta himself when he kills someone though…

Another thing. I was there when Boruta bugged this Monday, and while watching the fight from a short distance I was constantly seeing Boruta’s hp bar switching from 40% to 60%. Clearly a bug. If this happens around 20%, I guess it explains why Boruta goes on berserk mode since the bugged bar would be around 0% and trigger the berserk state. Does Boruta hp change when players enter/leave?


Porapore build works like a charm, just a tip :sunglasses:


He is now doing cap damage on everyone and receiving 200 damage or something


It’s hapenning the same here, boss with a lot of gu pot debuffs and almost imortal, also dealing insane damage.


The boss Still bugged all players doing 2k damage on crit and it’s impossible to tank and deal damage before the healing phase. @GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Letitia