BM and Shinobi in ReBuild


Hi, I’m coming back to the game after a long hiatus and wanted some help building a BM and a Shinobi (different characters as I really don’t see any synergy in them). So far I built something but I’m still unsure about skills or if this class synergy would work at all:



Are these any good? Or did I screw up on skill distribution and/or classes? Also, would Outlaw synergize with BM+Linker? I’ve thought about it before but I really didn’t see it synergizing at all so I traded it for enchanter. And for the few points I can distribute, any idea on what to put it on for each of these builds?


I’ve changed one thing, Silver bullets only need 5 points to be always on and Mozambique Drill it’s a good skill that ignores defense have low cd and 5 overheat.


Thanks, man. Would you recommend something for quest stat allocations? And is the other build alright or did you only have insight on the BM one?


Idk, Shinobi isn’t in a good place atm, and i need to try more combinations to assassin.


Ironically I just replied to a different post, stating that Shinobi doesn’t really synergize with anything in the scout-tree. At least not well enough to pick it over some other options. The class needs a rework/tweak. Same with Sadhu.

Scout is more AA-focused, with slight adaptions to Stealth/Burst mechanics; the latter being something Shinbo “can” do but just not as good as other classes right now.


What’s wrong with it? I currently testing the Scout tree if I like it I might stay there, and I am originally a Wizard and I unlocked Rune Caster and I have a class unlock voucher that I intended for Shinobi. But I was eventually going to try out Shinobi if it was better than Rune Caster in terms of hidden classes.


Shinobi is actually pretty good in his niche, the only big problem is Log buggin you out of the map when hit by certain skills.


There’s nothing wrong with shinobi per se it’s just that it lacks kinda synergy with other classes. If you for example ponder about going Outlaw > Rogue or Outlaw > Shinobi then there’s almost no point in taking Shinobi over Rogue. Reason behind it is that Shinobi offers nothing (or barely anything) that helps Outlaw do his thing, aside from just adding more DamageSkills which is nice I guess. Doesn’t seem too appealing to me now where we can freely choose our classes by synergy.


Man, having tried it for a bit, Shinobi definitly isn’t a good pick right now. That ai they put on the clones is just terrible, they never even try to hit the monsters, they just run away as soon as they spawn.


There is one class Shinobi synergises with right now, Linker. Joint Penalty (w/ Lightning attribute) and Bunshin + Raiton is rather impressive…if you ever land it, anyway. No idea how they messed up the clone AI THIS badly.

Currently trying out a Linker Shinobi BM build to be some kind of electric gunslinger-mage and it does work out pretty well. There’s the obvious Linker BM synergy with Taser/Electric Shock, and BM’s main skills are good enough for when clones aren’t cooperating, and when they ever do, it’s a sight to behold. Cooldowns are a bit on the high end tho :<


Oh, and I forgot to post it before, but I ended up going with this after trying BM for a bit:

But I’m still unsure about my distribution on RIP and Silver Bullet. I cut silver bullet out because I’m already getting lightning element from enchanter and linker and it sinergizes with tase, but I’ve been reading that silver bullet still beats it in higher levels although I don’t know why. And RIP are just left over points, but I think it may still be used in something better, I just don’t know what.


I’d strongly advise you to go with Silver bullet at 5 at least. Rip from 1 to 6 isn’t that big a difference as well, and it still works to clean linked mobs.

the reason why it scales so well is that if you find yourself fighting bosses on big groups, there’s a good chance there’ll be clerics and wizards who either turn targets to demon or simply make them take more holy damage. Besides, the Demon Lords also suffer to Holy damage by default, so there’s that.


Thanks. Also, do you know if silver bullet and lighning hands cancel each other out? Or would I hit both types if both are in effect? If I hit both types there’s really no reason not to use silver bullet all the time.


That’s the same question i have, they stack or not?


Highly doubt that they stack, but which one takes priority is something it would be nice to find out, it’s probably whichever is cast last or first. Both of these would be simple to test.


Are they fixing clone AI any time soon?


Doubtful, you can check the ktos/ktest thread and hope to see something there at best.


iirc one of the patch notes mentionned shinobi AI changes (since clones goes to enemies that are far away)


Shinobi isn’t really a goos pick at this present moment. In the entire scout tree, its one of the worst pick unless they rework it.

  1. The ai on the clones are horrible. They barely hit anything and run around doing nothing most of the time. Sometimes they hit mobs when you are in stealth mode, thus cancelling your stealth.
  2. Ninja bombs are expensive. 3k each and you are going to spend 9k to 15k per use and if you use on normal mobs or in CM, you barely get back your investment.
  3. Most of shinobi skills don’t combo well with other scout classes. At least squire can sell repair and you don’t need to unlock, shinobi got nothing to offer plus you need to do the unlock quest or use the voucher unless they rework it.


and nobody even recommended goint Rogue-Shino-[something]
where [something] is most probably Linker, Outlaw or Assassin

also, just immediately blow up the clones

nice thread, nice builds