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Binatio, Paraclitus Time & Last Rites attribute idea

Chaplain is a bit underwhelming in it’s current form, so I would suggest to strengthen it by giving the skills new attributes.


Attribute 1: Increases AOE Attack Ratio by 1 per attribute level. (Max level: 5)

Attribute 2: Increases crit rate by 20 per 1 attribute level. (Max level: 10)

Paraclitus Time

Attribute 1: Gives you immunity against every debuff and status ailment for half the time Paraclitus Time is active. (Max level: 1)

Lates Rites

Attribute 1: Lates Rites spawns an additional holy attack line for every Chaplain buff that is currently active in your buff slots. (Max level: 1)

Attribute 2: Your current max stamina amount is added at x100 to the holy property attack amount of Last Rites. Example: Your max stamina is currently 25, so 2500 holy property damage is added to Last Rites. (Max level: 1)

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all i can say as i tried chap in matk build is that new attribute that turn chap into INT/SPR seems like a gimmick or an unfinished work when in matk focus the only skill you can get benefit from is deploy capella
at least it deserve 1 or two dps skills to add more variety of gameplay
also its a red with low capability of being a red compare to others in cleric circle
this class could be ashura alike but they still got it wrong