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Beware, this gem is a trap!

downfall gem

it add 0.5 second duration, but the arrow only appear every 1 second, so lv 16 11.5s duration result is still the same as lv15 11s duration.

definitely not worth these price

Yea, right now the gem only works when using the Rapid Shot art since that does damage every .5 seconds.

still work if you have divine might

eh? i have impression rapid shot art only good for CMing, meanwhile normal downfall is better for bossing/solo content, thats why i measure the gem with normal downfall

hmm? I agree with you, gem shouldn’t be worth that much since it would also need divine might to actually work for normal downfall.

All I did was state it still works with the rapid shot art which is useful for content needing a lot of AoE.

Just tested base skill and base skill + dm. Base skill is deals 11 true multihits of 5 fake multihits so 55 hits total, with dm it’s 12 true multihit so 60 hits total. Don’t have the gem to test it at lvl 17 but seems worth it