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Beware of scammers in Telsiai

  • Reason for report : Price rigging in market

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : Tyhz

  • Location : Klaipeda

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 24/2/2021-1/3/2021

Hi returnee here trying to gear up. Been saving some money for a while to buy a vaivora but a few days ago Tyhz the number 1 bm in my server just shouted that he wanted to buy cryolite bullet vaivora at a whopping price of 400m each??? They were 200-250m each before, and the highest I saw last time was at 300m but suddenly the price just skyrocketed to 400m because of that shout.

I don’t understand why?? I’ve seen his profile and gear, he’s had lvl 4 vaivora for weeks now but he’s shouting for 400m each all of the sudden?? There was a cryolite bullet selling for 300m in the market at the time so why did he shout for the price to jump by 100m?

Is this price rigging? How the f am I supposed to save up that much? I can’t afford to spend everything just to get a single vaivora when I need to upgrade everyhting else too? Wtf is this??? Is he raising the price on purpose so its harder for people to compete with him?? I just dont understand why someone with level 4 vaivora will do this /Tired what am I suppose to do? Pray i get the vaivora in cm?

The last I checked none of the 400m cryolite bullets hve been bought yet, so he’s definitely not buying them. They’re all in the market and the prices have only started dropping but its still ridiculously high.


  • Evidence bm400m

He already has level 4 vaivora

The price of cryolite skyrocketing to 400m after that shout, and its still up even after a week after the original shout. :tired: So he’s definitely not buying them…

Like why would he need to buy more when he has level 4 already :tired:

I get it, its the best class right now so the price will increase but this was a huge jump from 200-300m to 400m+ because of his shout and thts unfair, normal players are already struggling to get that much… it shouldnt be this way

You can get cryolite ichor for free to be attached on your savi pistol ep 12 free reward, using diev event shop

Can you choose to get 2 main weapons or 2 sub weapons? Oh and can you enhance/transcend it further?

If yes thats great, if not then its kinda back to square one… cant use +11 gear forever :tired:

You’re crying because?

So you’re blaming him because you’re poor?

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Don’t @me when token prices suddenly increase


Because it’s unfair to people gearing up, because its unfair to people who want to sell their items. When you’re the best player in that class and you shout for something, you expect people not to believe you and sell for that price? If you don’t think you have some responsibility for that then you’re wrong, you’re the rank 1 scout for f sake, people believe you when you shout for something so they will post at the price you asked for…

Now because of your lies, the price is inflated, the sellers are cheated, the buyers are cheated and people make fun of me because I want whats fair.

You want to know the most fked up thing is? 23/2/2021, I saw his guildmate MostHK get cryolite bullet last week, he was shouting to sell and I wanted to ask him for a price but then Tyhz shouted the 400m and he wanted to sell it, so either this is price rigging so his guildmate can get better price for or this is blatant RMT and he’s helping his friend cover up. :tired:

@STAFF_Yuri i dont know why i bother tagging you, you dont care you dont bother with this game. Just read this and ignore I’m so fed up with this game.

Most likely price fixing so his items can sell higher.
That’s how some rich people maintain their wealth.

But the demand that doesn’t exist will likely fall back to normality price after awhile.
Wait 2 weeks ~ 1 month I guess.

PS: That 400mil BM vvr is likely listed by Tyhz himself.


Item price that is being actually sold is not being dictated just because some celebrity wants to buy it at that level and if so, how much he could buy? If there is no buyer, naturally price will drop anyways because the sellers also need a living. Just shout your desired price then. If you’re not gonna buy it, someone will. If there is no one wanna buy it, price will drop. As simple as that.

You are living in a such society in real world i cant see the reason why you fail to see market exploit being a thing.

You can easily rig the market without shouting.

It’s called supply and demand. Do you think if there are 10 cryolite bullets in the market @ 400m, it will stay stagnant?

Use some logic bruh. Same way on Vaivora on wizard/cleric.

Recently clown’s vvr cost like 800m-ish? See the price how much at today’s rate?

Brain, use it. Think

Yes I can’t afford it for now but I blame him for only one thing, and that’s lying about wanting to buy a vaivora he already has level 4 of.

Look, you shout for something, you buy it. That’s called being a decent person, Tyhz.

I don’t care about your ego or whatever nonsense, you don’t get to raise the price and say “LOOK EVERYTHING IS OKAY BECAUSE THE PRICE WILL GO DOWN AGAIN EVENTUALLY, THAT’S SUPPLY AND DEMAND, BRAIN USE THINK” then pretend like its ok to keep doing again and again :tired:

uh… is this ur first time playing mmo?
throwing tantrum bcause free market/trade exist is kinda dumb… (heck its even on mmo game)

I feel bad about you though, trying to rule his choice of purchasing when he is not related to you in any way.

Farm more, reload more. Git gud

he shouted wtb pm him, maybe he already bought n crafted lvl4 and you keep saying why he got level4 n still want to buy… that 2 left in market extra he dont need anymore cos he already done this level4?

He did his level 4 by the second week of the new patch, long before shouting for 400m.

Bro, you taking your time of the day to reply to this thread and defending him and criticizing me, bro you’re just as sad as I am. Sorry man

Actually I’m replying you while doing CM, so i can buy things in the market unlike you :rofl:

i feel u man.

Its not about how market works or this supply demand bullshit. Its about the seller/buyer interaction. He gave the price, you list the item.
If you are a seller and see someone shouting for your item at a high price, ofc you will list it right away and wait for him to buy it.
But the a$$hole didnt buy your item. How would you feel? How will you get back your listing fee? waste 4cm tix and run cm so you get back your lost 4m listing fee? 4m is a big deal now since your only source of silver is cm…and 1 run is just 1m. Not everyone is riich. Try looking on the other perspective.