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Best way to farm Blessed Shards?

Kinda got myself in the end-game and now I need those… A lot of them…
The daily Lv400 dungeon isn’t cutting (No s**t…) so where do I farm those with most efficiency?


Nowhere. The most efficient way is to spend TP on Leti cubes and get those BG boxes…

If you’re F2P, you WILL have to do level 400 dungeon 3 times a day with many many alts. Otherwise it’s just how many times you can get a party to do Singularity CM, it’s the only way to get guaranteed shards in good amount.

dg is sucks and waste of time
everything lies in the game main dish:CM
you just need to change your mindset that if what you need is buy-able all you need is silver
430 cm+ can give you around 2m+ worth silver per round, with b shard included and vv as jackpot
thats like 20+ shard a cm run and as of now you can do 5+4 chars as f2p and thats 180+ shard a day

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Or … hunt elites in field maps XDDD start from saju then sweep till PoD …

you can do CMs, CM reset voucher can be bought at merc shop. thats one of the good way to farm shards now.

If you can’t kill telharsha, you can do amiss dog 3 times per week. 1 cube has a big chance to give 5 shards.

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You actually get 9 Blessed Shards now that the entry count was reduced from 5 to 3.

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Thanks for the replies, lemme give you guys a little more insight… My set is still the Savinose one from chapter 11… So yeah… I don’t think I can do much yet… I usually do CM in Outer Wall 15 and can only get to Lv5 so I get around 900K per round, I got some Moringponia Ichors in my set, still need one for Crossbow and Shield tho… Haven’t finished chapter 12 yet too so I don’t have Ark as well… These days I’ve been exploring maps and doing sidequest for fun (I aim to complete everything one day) but got a bit bored and wanted to do some progress towards my gear… Tho’ I am still quite clueless of how to proceed here… So for now I got the rings from the Mercenary Badge shop and I am trying to upgrade them, hence why I want a lot of shards.

Complete your main quest first … get an ARK stat then craft your vanra gear for level/gear progression and for you to be able to run some raids and CM’s without dying XDD

Joining a guild is a plus, that is not too inactive XDD as in only you are online …

Get mercenary Badges

  • Bernice
  • Uphill
  • Dimension Collapse
  • Feud

Then buy the ff everyday

  • x5 CM Resets
  • x1 Dimension Collapse Entry
  • x1 Division Singularity Entry

the 3 of them are on top of each other, you wont miss it …

If you have an extra buy the x10 Kedoran box and pray you get a Boruta Seal …

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Thanks for the information!!
Will get to doing so then!!

Tho’ joining a guild might be difficult for me, I am quite antisocial in these games… Specially since I am connected to Asia server as I am currently living in SEA and people here mostly speak tagalog and not english… Oh well!! Anyway, thanks for the help!

make 100 new accounts, hit lv400 on all of them. Kill Amiss dog everyday and pray they dont drop crap else than bs.
~1m per run with crap lv400 eq from quest.
100x3x5 = 1500 bs per week in 300m ~ 5h per week play this dig shot game.

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Singularity gives a lot of shards and stupid amounts of silver.

Never done one… Can I solo this with Savinose? I am guessing not…

singularity requires decent gear , unless you’re a flagbot. by the way, I’d recommend settling in a guild as having a guild will make the experience smoother

Step 1: Get Episode 11 Savinose Gear :white_check_mark:

Step 2: Get Fixed Ichors (you can put them in Savinose gear and later move them to better gear without risk) by doing unique raids, from merc store or by buying fixed stat gear / ichor from market

Step 3: Get Varna Legend Gear and enhance it to +11 at least

Step 4: Slowly work on Random Ichors

Step 5: Once you got a good Random Ichor and the corresponding Varna Legend Gear, remove Fixed Ichor from Savinose and put Fixed Ichor and Random Ichor into Varna, then use Varna Legend Gear instead of Savinose, also start working on Transcending Varna Gear

Step 6: Get accessoire from merc store and enhance / transcend it

Step 7: If you aren’t a healer, work on getting Glacia Legenda Gear next

I think this should be enough for now.

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You are better off skipping Varna and going straight for 440 savinose dysnai instead.

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Wow… That was helpful…

  1. Yeah, got Savinose
  2. Have Moringponia fixed Ichor already equipped in everything but my Shiled and Crossbow
  3. Only Varna part I got so far is Crossbow, alreaedy put it to +11 and +2 Transcend, one of the reasons why I was asking how to farm Blessed Shards faster, heh
  4. I got -one- random Ichor for my Crossbow that gives +120 STR, CON and DEX, that’s why I started with Crossbow on Varna too, tho’ I still need to find a fixed ichor for it…
  5. Yeah, was about to do that, still need a lot of shards tho’… I am mostly just buying them from market right now and repeating CM since the harvest even gave me so many vouchers (I hope this become a trend for next events too).
  6. Was saving those coins for that exactly, I got already one of the rings and I am close to buying the second one! Tho’ it might take me some time to get the amulet…
  7. Oh, what does it do? I am running Ranger-Arbalester-Quarrel Shooter at the moment, yeah I know QS is low tier but I enjoy it.

So it looks like my though process was correct after all but it’s a relief to have it confirmed, nice!
Still need a lot of farming tho’

Appreciate the advice but I ain’t very confident in myself, I am sad to admit… But is Savinose Dysnai better than the Glacia set rya.reisender recommended?

savi dysnai is better at CM and DS, it will be given as reward from incoming 5th anniversary event

so plan your next step carefully
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yes, wait for the event Dysnai and save up on Glacia Armors instead if you intend to do legend raids, wbr, and solo hunt …

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They’re equivalent. Unfortunately, you need both sets if you plan to do every endgame content, as one provides a bonus for mobbing and the other for bossing.

Important note: DO NOT transcend anything past +5 until you get the “50% off on even numbered transcendance” effect from WE Burning event. This happens once per month and you should transcend everything from +6 to +10 on that day to save a TON of Blessed Gems. Transcending to +5 is cheap and will give you half the benefit of t10.