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Best Server to play on from Australia

Hey guys, i live in NSW Australia, just wondering what you guys reckon would be the best server to play on ping wise from here? Thanks for the help guys :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

They gave an IP for each server you can ping i think.
If you search in the forum there were complaints the latency for SEA is higher to oz than klap/orsha

Thanks mate, ill have a look around for it! :slight_smile:

Ah found some that i remembered

Thanks alot acolyte :slight_smile:

i am an australian from TAS on Sea Server, and its gotten better since those threads where made the only thing bottle necking us right now is they cut the lines in the bass strait that a lot of our ISP’s depend on for repairs

Another problem is overcrowding everyone has shitty ping at some times of the day but on a good day in a good setting i get maybe 150-250 consistent which is a damn sight better then klaipeda

Def recommend sea server

Thanks JinRyu! i just started one on the SEA server, it seems to be going well :slight_smile: