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Best builds so far?

I’ve been trying sw builds since rebuild came around but I’ve yet to find something that clicks with me, did you guys had more luck? would you like to share what you’ve found good in these days? I’d love some inspiration, staring at the class selection screen/skill simulator is starting to get old

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I have 5 swordies and I have tried multiple builds. The one that I like the most are:

-Hoplite/Barbarian/Retiarius: Amazing damage buffs with Frenzy and Warcry. Good Crit buffs. Good sinergy with Spear lunge + Spear skills and some CC. I tried with Dragoon instead of Barb, but the damage was quite low. Even though I love Goon it was a bit sad :c

-Peltasta/Murmillo/Retiarius: Tanky/CC version. Doesn’t have that many skills but can do some damage. IS ALMOST INMORTAL I can get to aroung 50k def, and I dont have the best equipment. Is more focused on PVP.

-Barbarian/Highlander/Doppel: it’s a bit standar but is really fun. Have really good damage buffs and a good amount of combos, AOE and rotation.

-Peltasta/Barbarian/Hackapell: A high mobility tank. Barbarian to give some buffs and Pelta for tankyness. The only problem is that Hacka’s damage isn’t great, but at least is fun.

-Hoplite/Cata/Lancer: Good combos, decent damage outside of it’s main combo, and great burst with it. You could get another class instead of Cata, But Hoplite is just too good to ignore.,


Hello, thanks for your help :). Could you give us a skill distribution for the Barb/highlander/Doppel one ? I’m a returning player and i’m totally lost about which skill I should or shouldn’t max with my doppel.

Thanks agains :slight_smile:

can you post a build for the Hoplite/Barbarian/Retiarius? looks nice

Not much to write about, you can switch points between Spear Throw and Spear Lunge, just be sure to stay away from Sharp Spear (lv 15 100 attribute adds like 4k damage on crits).

I’m using Pelt instead of Hop, feels better for some reason.

oh that was fast tyvm may i see the pelt version? trying to test them all while we can

max swash, hard shield and guardian, remaining points into umbo blow or high guard (if you really need the extra block)

thanks for the suggestions, I’m gonna try a bunch of stuff, I already tried barb/pelt/reti but i’ll give it another go


Matador hits like a truck in Rebuild.
Thats the Barb HL Doppel Build I’m using right now. You’ll have to get use to use a lot of combos but is really fun.
Thats the Hop/Barb/Retiarius build that I’m using right now. You have to learn to manage your buffs, speacially Warcry and frenzy. If used properly that should give you around 70% extra damage that plus Net+Spear lunge+Spear skills will give you really good damage.

fencer doesnt work with peltasta due to epee gard shield restriction unless you want pelt only for taunt

Did anyone managed to build a Hackapell that actually does damage?

Hacka right now has to use 5 overheats to deal half the damage fencer does with one skill lol

Sadly no. Hacka damage is really bad, the only way to get decent damage would be getting Barb (yeah, barb is really good) to get some damage buffs, but then again any other class with barb or good buffs can do way better.

Hmm Epee Garde only removes the defense from your shield, does it also remove the bonus from Hard Shield when you trigger Epee Garde? At least you still keep the damage reduction from Guardian.

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Excuse me, but how does your Lancer-Cata-Hop skill tree looks like? I came back after a long hiatus and I’m having trouble creating a build.

@clevervelasco Here is the build that I am using:
Also this video helped me for the skills rotation/combos:

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STOP PICKING SHARP SPEAR, the buff doesn’t add anything, isn’t anybody testing their skills?

I’m going to post a build that not many people have tried yet:

Rodel + Barb + Murmi.


  • Barbarian for obvious Frenzy and Wacry. Seism also provides stunning against bosses.
  • Cassis Crista boosts most of Rodelero skills, making them deal much more damage than what they seem to on paper. +50% damage with most Rodel skills.
  • Shield Shoving now provides 10 sec debuff of +50% strike damage taken. It’s quite strong when combo’ed with Scutum or Headbutt (or any of Rodel skills ofc).
  • Shield Push removes 15% of bosses defense as a debuff, which is a nice boost against strong bosses.
  • Can use Shield Bash to inflict Shock and Targe Smash to deal extra damage with Shock.
  • Cassis Crista lowers physical dmg taken by 50%, making you a true off-tank, regardless of Peltasta.
  • Tons of stunning skills, quite helpful when fighting bosses and protecting your party members against them.

I found Rodel to be the best offensive dps class you can pick together with Murmi + Barb. Of course picking Pelta makes you immortal, but taking it is a huge loss of dps and Cassis Crista alone can mitigate the damage you take by a lot.

It’s not much, but here’s a vid of me doing lv 330 dg:
The interesting fact is that I’m using pretty standard armors, without trans or refine, with a trans 3 emengard, and still, I take basically no damage in the whole dg.


Doesn’t auto-swap feature solve this problem?

Peltasta is too OP with t10 velco shield you get 50 - 70 k pdef/mdef and up to 40% damage reduction.
Any pvp build without peltasta is a joke.
Any pvp build w/o retiarius will suffer from flying mages.
Highlander is a useless class. No buffs, bad synergy, too many overheats.