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Best bow ichor survey

which bow do you think is best ichor for bow user?

  • masinios bow
  • asio bow
  • wastrel bow
  • skiaclipse bow
  • moringponia bow
  • misrus bow

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The misrus bow requires high investment into Aoe to maximize damage potential. Morinponia ichor with max attribute on multi shot means you get a skill with 2500% damage per skill use

The best ichor is actually the one you can craft.

Masi bow is trash, but you only need 30 raid portal stones and doing 30x the casual Nobreer raid to get it. Perfect for your “first” ichor until you get better.

Asio bow is still nice with the extra AAR and better stats, but you need twice the investment + huge amount of practos/mats to craft the items. Wastrel is similar to Asio with even better stats but no boost to AAR, so I think Asio is better – I wouldn’t invest time and ressources to craft a Wastrel ichor.

I don’t think anyone is insane enough to scum Unique Skiaclipse raid 150 times and spend 9 practos + farm all the mats to get something that is not remotely worth any of the other ichors you can get…

Moringponia bow is quite interesting – extra AAR, CR, extra atk via STR, and a boost to Multi Shot skill. Now the only thing to think about is… how much time and silver do you want to invest into Moringponia boss killing/lottery? I’m not even sure people on Fedi did go kill the boss again passed the initial curiosity… So yeah good luck getting the item once… then the ichor…

Misrus bow could be a thing, but 25% extra damage on Triple Arrow is probably not worth the investment. Not mentioning you have to KILL Misrus first :slight_smile:

In the end I’d say equip Masi ichor then go for Asio/Moringponia and replace Masi with whichever you get first.

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For me the best to cover the aoe if you do not have falcon is the asio bow, now if you have falcon I would say that the best would be the wastrel bow; but the meta bow is the misrus more for build that does not carry falcon and can already cover the 20 AAR

Asio is the best because… bunny.

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sad asio bow user

if i havent make asio bow ichor yet, i might aim for moringponia bow, it has all the necessary archer stats+ multishot dmg x2. Sadly it is also the only weapon that gained through silver+luck, no mats needed, no feeling attached. No sweet taste from finally crafting it using hours of hardwork farming mats manually.

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Masi bow - it’s pretty garbage solo. But on Boruta I would say it’s pretty good. We have one person in guild with this on as our dedicated person for it.

Wastrel is mainly used only because at the time there were only Masi, asio, wastrel. This is what I currently use.

Misrus is interesting, but the fact that I now only have triple arrow at level 5 makes me think if the extra dmg would make that much of a difference. Aoe in cms is pretty easy with spread and homing already.

Moringponia is interesting as well. But how often do you have time to cast multishot of all of the skills you have.

All in all, I’m probably going to stick to wastrel for a bit. It’s still very good imo, and I can slowly take the time to reevaluate. But atm, I think if I were to switch… It’d go to Asio for more aar.

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Sticking with wastrel as there as I have it already and there is no significant difference to the new ones to the amount of effort/silver that has to be invested for a new one

with the incoming SFR buff for archer
multishot lv 5 SFR 360%x10 hit, CD 5s
moringponia bow ichor
= spammable 7200% AOE!!

Looks interesting. What’s your skill point build for archer then?


Also not a huge fan of charging skills.

since rebuild, multi shot charging is just fancy animation, you can charge a little or full, the result is same your max lv of multishot dmg. Not like old animation where the longer you charge, the stronger. Watch how he spammed multishot, no need to charge.

as of feb 20th, they nerf it to lv 5 multishot 254% x 10 hit

Vaivora Bow should now be on that list, even if you have almost no chance to see one any time soon :wink:

Note: Asio and Wastrel raids now reward full items and not recipes, the ichors are way easier to get with solo raid, which makes Masi obsolete.

That’s still 5k% every 5 seconds with the Moring bow. With the stats on the bow itself, I’d say it’s worth replacing Asio/Wastrel.

cant edit the survey poll, cant insert vaivora bow, sorry…

someone at telsiai already got vaivora bow last week, they said.

I’ll stick with my asio ichor because of that cute rabbit :satisfaction: