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Been so long since I quit, might want to play back?

The reason why I quit last time was honestly due to ARTS. Like it takes so many attribute points to learn 1 Arts and you can’t even reset it?

I was wondering if anything changed since last time. Is ARTS still expensive in terms of attributes points? Or are there any easier way to get attribute points.

Also, is there a way to reset the ARTS to get back the attribute points? Or if you change class does it mean that the ARTS that you previously learned is wasted?

Also what kind of gear do I need? Seems like there are a lot of new stuff I’m so lost on what to do

Getting billions of attribute points nowadays so it’s more expensive on the materials to unlock ART than attribute points. Also there is ART reset potion (premium cube or market) that let you reset ART for a class you are having.

New weapon/armor set gear from new legend raids. Simply a new endgame standard that you should rush fast when you return to game.

Also some upgrade to old legend accessories.

You can buy art reset potion with vaivora coin (daily login reward)

And yeah, you get a lot of attribute points on events.

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Also, a lot of Unidentified Mystic Tome from events and stuff, basically, every time that theres an event (pretty much always) you’ll get virtualy 2 or 3 ARTS for free from all the Mystic Tomes and AP you get

arts are not the problem now xd they remove ez ways to get blessed gems unless you buy em with tp upgrading the new arks you need over 2000 blessed gems + an item worth 700m or more so good luck, unless you take it casual and dont care to take your time you are going to be frustated really quicky, but hey welcome back :v

Don’t mind me asking a few more questions I’m like lost on what upgrades should I be getting

  • I play Wizard classes only and I read like there are some special set effects or something? Like are those important?
  • My setup that I have before I quit was a +11 T8 Full Event Savinose set with Moringponia ichor, with a +11 T5 Wastrel Zvaigzde Shield and +11 T8 Savinose Rod. My accessories are 3 Solmiki. What are the things to upgrade first and change first?

Yes, those are quite strong, so you should aim for them eventually. Most sets require leveled Pamoka Solutions, so start looking into leveling those first (unless you want to get a set that requires Moringponia Crown instead, then just buy them off market as long as they are still so cheap).

Also inform yourself about upcoming set updates. Otherwise you might get a set now because everybody has it, but next patch it’s useless. Better not apply the solutions until you have enough to create a full set.

You get a full +11 T10 Savinose set from just finishing Episode 11. Put a fixed ichor into each of them.

After that aim for Glacia or Savinose Dysnai legend gear. And get them to +11 T10 (weapon/trinket +16 would be great, but is also expensive). If you aim for Glacia, slowly start working on random ichors too. Ichors are probably the most important early aspect to increase in power.

Accessoires are very expensive to upgrade, so you’d usually do this last, but the ones in the mercenary store are easy to get (but I’m not sure if they are better than Solmiki for Wizard).

Other things to aim for:

  • Get Ark from episode 12 quest and level it at least to 3 (later as high as you have resources)
  • Aim for Boruta Seal+3 to get Dragon Strength

Only if you have fully ichored legend set +11 (weapon/trinket +16) T10, Seal Level 3 and Ark Level 5+, I’d start aiming for the really top end stuff that requires arch stones like accessoires and a better Ark. And Vaivora ichors. And Goddess/Demon ichors.

Few more questions

  • Been too long away from the game kinda forgot what a fixed ichor is. Is it like the Moringponia ichor that I have on my current set? Can I extract those and put it onto the new armor?
  • Didn’t know you can get a full set of +11 T10 I suppose it is from the “Treasure Chest” icon I see at the quest? That’s pretty neat
  • How do I go about getting the new Legend equip? Buy from Market? Or through some dungeons/raids stuff?
  • Another stupid question, where do I get set effects kinda forget where to go to. And anyway to check out on potential set effects?
  • Since I play only Wizard classes I tend to use the same equipment for all classes, but if set effects play a huge role for specific class combinations does that mean I would need to get specific set effects for each build?
  • I’ve been watching some videos and I keep seeing things like vaivora stuff what are those and are there levels to it?

hmm feels like too many Questions… but for some the answers are in the Guide.

You create ichors from any 350+ equip. Fixed stats have a “-” in front of them and random stats have dot in front of them.

Creating an ichor is a bit easier now, you can do both at the blacksmith at the west end of Fedimian:

Extraction: 10% success chance, potential goes down on fail, break on 0 potential (unless you use golden ichor extraction kit).

Transmutation: Requires 2 equips now, 100% chance if both equips are at full potential, you get stats of one of the two equip at random (50/50). Only use this option when both equips are at full potential and have stats you are satisfied with, because on fail both equip goes poof.

Yes, whereever you see a treasure chest (also at adventure jounral at vaivora NPC) just double click it for stuff.

Consule same Blacksmith west of Fedimian. You can craft basically all the legend gear there now. Just check what you need. For Glacia Legenda gear you would need Glacia Hearts which you can only get from White Witch Raid, which is quite hard if you don’t already have endgame gear, so most probably buy the ingredients from market (or the gear itself is available, usually buying finished ichors and finished gears is actually cheaper than the ingredients, so watch out!).

Go to Alchemist Master in Klaipeda. He sells Pamoka Solutions, if you go to the add set effect option and put in Pamoka (or mori crown) then you can see the available sets and their bonus.

Now too familiar with Wizard, I’d assume that all magical DPS go for the same set, though.

Vaivora weapons drop from Elite monsters in Episode 12 maps (~0.01% drop chance), they are the rarest drop ingame (it will even be announced). While the weapons themselves aren’t stronger than legend gear, they have the best bonus stats so they make the perfect weapon ichors.

If you ever manage to get your hands on multiple of them, you can combine them into a higher level that has even more ridiculous bonus stats. You also use ichors as ingredients to create a higher level Vaivora weapon, so you can reuse ichors here, so don’t be afraid to make a Level 1 first.

I remember you. Mr bazillion wizards… :slight_smile:

The biggest change between now and then is that before you could gear many characters. Like you I have a dozen wizards with different builds, all more or less equipped with Savinose 400. Now the materials required to upgrade characters (mainly blessed gems for transcendance and new “planium-like” to craft legend 440) can’t be obtained easily, so you need to focus on one character mainly.

Those already existed on level 400 equipment. For Savinose: Korup, Bendriti… Those are now outdated, and the new effects for level 440 equipment are really powerful, so yeah they are important. For my main Wizard, I use Sauk that activates every 20s to deal some damage (around 10k SFR which is not bad) and also boosts my damage by +150% (!) for 10s (50% uptime). So you need to plan in advance and prepare Pamoka solutions for a whole set (you need to put the set on each of your 6 pieces of equipment for the full effect).

These have to go away first. Rod + shield are now obsolete on a wizard unless they are alts that you use only to do CM on episode 11 maps, or when you use very specific builds like summoner to boost your summons before you switch to DPS. In a future patch, wizards will work like scouts with a bonus to matk when using… a dagger! But in the meatime, you need to switch to staff + trinket. If you feel that the casting time of your skills is suffering from losing the -50% casting time bonus of the rod, you can still put an Asio ichor on your trinket for a smaller -20% casting time bonus, it should help a bit.

For comparison: savinose 400 rod + shield give roughly 20k matk, savinose 400 staff + trinket increase it to 25K.

An easy change is to get the Carnas Majika from the mercenary badge shop. New accessories are really hard to get since they require either a ton of upgrades (drakonas) or impossible to get materials (karaliene). A decent upgrade would be Legend Moringponia Triukas which you can get by running Moringponia raid or simply by buying the materials from the market to craft them, it will take some time but should be doable.

Yes and yes. Moringponia ichor is kinda obsolete now since you can get something that’s slightly better for free (almost) – the Galimitive set from mercenary badge shop.

Yes. You get some restrictions on the set, but it’s worth it if you don’t have +11 t10 savinose 400 set already. Get: a staff, a trinket, 4 pieces of leather armor (oh yeah if you were using cloth or plate, you need leather now).

For your staff and trinket, you can choose whatever you want between Glacia Legenda and Savinose 440 (Dysnai). Glacia Legenda requires Hearts of Glacia (from the White Witch raid) + a small amount of Brykinite (the “new” Planium that you get from the new “Singularity” CM mode), while Savinose 440 only requires Brykinite, but in a larger amount.

For your armor, you will have to decide what you want to get depending on the content you mostly play: 4 pieces of Glacia armor will give you 100% damage boost versus bosses (mostly for raids), while 4 pieces of Savinose 400 will give you 100% damage boost versus mobs (mostly for CM). If you want to do both, you will need both sets.

Note that to get these, you will need a party for WW raid or Singularity. Usually people have fixed parties so unless you play in a big guild that has organized parties that are willing to carry your Savinose 400 equipped char into the raid/CM, you may never be able to get your level 440 set. In that case, just buy the Glacia hearts/Brykinite from the market, they’re a high investment (around 2 mil per piece) but at least they’re easily available in the market.

Vaidotas on Miner’s Village or his assistant near the Wizard Master in Klaipeda. Soon we’ll get a NPC in Orsha and Fedimian too. To check on the effects, the UI was changed recently, so you just need to talk to the NPC and select the item you want to apply the set and you’ll get a combobox with all the applicable effects and their description.

Don’t expect being able to equip more than one character anyway. For wizards I think Sauk is better unless you use specific builds (summoner, then you use the summoner set effect) or are lazy to press a button every 20s (then you choose Balinta which gives less damage boost, but is passive).

New weapon type designed to boost single class skills. Basically you choose the one that gives the best boost in your build and ichor it on your weapon. Vaivora gets dropped from CM/elite mobs on episode 12 maps with an abysmal drop rate. And it’s random. I’ve been looking for one for my pyromancer for ages now and it has been months since one dropped on the server. Basically you’ll never get one, or it will be for another class that nobody uses. And since you won’t have one, don’t bother with levels…

Want to clarify something about set effects. Because I used to use the same equip for all my Wizards, does it mean now I should get the free equip through the quest for all my subs that I actively want to play, and craft specific set effects that are better for those?

I’ not exactly sure what to craft though

You get the episode 11 free equip only once. The best equip that you can get from quests are primus 400 kedorian which is basically “final” equipment that you can’t improve. Except from a weapon that is +11 t10 it’s trash.

You can’t apply sets on the free equip. You only have two options here: Varna (level 400) from Skiaclipse raid or Savinose Dysnai/Glacia (level 440) from Singularity/White Witch raid. Basically you will want the level 440 on your main and level 400 on your alts if you want to craft set effects. As I said, for the level 440 equip on a wizard you will craft Sauk effect, while on level 400 equip you will stick to Smugis for wizards.

Hope they open another season server…

Oh wait what? I can’t craft set effects using the free equipment? That kinda sucks considering how important set effects seem to be now

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