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[Ball] Wishing tonight would last forever

Title : Wishing tonight would last forever
Server : Telsiai
Team Name : Shakie
NPC’s Names : Wican Celestic (Elementalist Master) and Dame Circe (Sorcerer Master)

Elementalist Master finally got his chance of a life time to dance with his unrequited love, the Sorcerer Master! Will this night begin a spark to their relationship?

Why blue roses? Because poets often write about it as a symbol of something unattainable and beautiful. Yes, I did my research xD thanks google uwu


finally one of my favorite ships in the game! AWWWWWWw looks cute <3

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nyisssss the blue and yellow goes nicely like van gogh’s starry night :satisfaction:

oh noes / w \ i always use blue roses for romantic stuff / w \ i didnt know it meant like that oxO;;;

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Yesh!~ they look so cute together ;w;
Hopefully their ship will sail someday :heart:

Oooooh i didnt notice! You’re riiight beewan~ xD
Waaa this movie is so tragic ;w;

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aaaa this is really good! And the ship is underrated but they deserve more spotlight <3

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thank youuuu!~ i wish they have more romantic lores in game xD
kyaaaaaaa!~ >//w//< :heart:

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