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[Ball] Will you dance with me?

Title: Will you dance with me?
Server: Silute
Team Name: YunaXD
NPC/Monster’s name: Jellyzelle

Will you dance with me Jellyzelle?
(please give me an advance belt)

She proceeds to use his best seduction tricks and winks at her. And Miss Jelly blushes and… Well, we don’t know what would happen there, if she accepted, if she fulfilled the wishes of the person who invited her to dance or… maybe she would shout STOP BULLING MEEEE!

Well, I really admire everyone who made beautiful stories with their drawings, in my case…it’s just a desperate cry from someone with very bad luck xD and Jelly is a very cute character <3

and drawing her was fun!


AAAA IT LOOKS SO GOOD <3! I love the colors and how everything blends so well! With our luck, she surely shout STOP BULLYING MEEEE, but I hope she gives you an Advanced Belt this time <3

I love the popolion too <3


jellyzelle’s design always reminds me of this boss

the dancehall adds that factor to it X3

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I really love your art style :heart:
Jellyzelle is too precious ;w; you gave her the perfect expression for this scenario xD

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Why it feels like its “Will you marry me” instead XDDDD

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“Come dance with me honey”
สกรีนช็อต 2022-12-08 031217

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i love how u paint the light. so gorgeous :heart_eyes:

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