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[Ball] Savior, Shall we go?

Title: Savior, Shall we go?
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Sheryl
NPC or Monster’s Name: Laima and Giltine

Short Story

In this peaceful night. I walk through the building that supposed to be a ballroom, but right now only ash and soul remained here.
I walk to the middle of the ruins and lie down under the moonlight, I close my eyes and felt of regret and sorrow of everything up until now.
I shut my eyes while thinking about the memories of this place in the past.
Suddenly, I heard someone talking to me. I open my eyes a bit, but still feeling gloomy and I feel like the ambience around me is changing. The song that no more to be known came out, it makes me nostalgic.

“Thou seem to be having a strange dream right now. what thou saw in ye dream?” Laima ask me with smile

“Hey Savior, wake up! It’s time already! Shall we go?” Giltine reach her hand to me


It’s can’t be happening…

It’s too real… more than a dream
Out of words to describe what I am observing. The place was lively enough, to fool any weakened soul who sought a rest.

Someone please tell me.

The part of melody of praise joy that can’t be found anymore
The people who never return met again
The peace that we have always longed for


“Ah…This is what I have been seeking for all this time?”

Maybe I just want everything to come to an end already?
If what I got is this relentless world, then It’s the eternity dream that I wish for.
for one last time,

let me keep living in this waking dream.

noted : this is my first time writing something like this, hope you enjoy it!


Is that beholder playing Cello? :hey:
Nice Celestial drawing! Is this main building?

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:hey: Yes, that’s him
I thought no one gonna notice the characters background
and it’s just somewhere in game. I don’t know too

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aaaw this reminds me of my encounter of the jellyfish looking for her sister sidequest on this game that i unlocked during a starry night in the ruins ‘w’/

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Leggo sheryl PogChamp :raising_hand_man:

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so GREATTTTTT. i tot that was Crablet in the background XD

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Thanks for your picture, made me realize that I need to put something in the sky
and fixed some compose in this pic.

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yus X3 and you are welcome :satisfaction:

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I gonna place the concept and video process here if anyone is interested before I remove it from my folder.
Thanks so much for the contest. :satisfaction:

Concept :

Painting process video :

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wanna ask for a unblurred beholder with violin for wallpaper…XDDD