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[Ball] Saalus Chronicle

Title of the Artwork: Saalus Chronicle
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Dionysus_RM
NPC or Monster’s Name: Damir Borkan(Terramancer Master), Alexa (Ardito Master)

Here I present you, a little Fan Fic for the read… Guess how many Master NPCs were written there

[Saalus Chronicle]

When the news arrived…

A ring from town bell, Queen Inesa was going to celebrate restoration of Orsha. Everyone was invited to a Ball. This news even arrived to Saalus villagers. Sister Lhasa and Aiste were giving out the news and masters already start chattering. “Oh, I finally can wear my silk on proper occasion”, say May the BB master. “I can add embroidery to your dress if you wanted to”, Yena added. “FLEX MUSCLES, BABY!!”, you can hear excitement in Volador’s voice. “Kyaaa… we can see Astius in a tuxedo!”, Pauline was blushing. “Ho ho… I miss my youth spirit, Marie Lavoie is one hell of a dance”, Evan grooming his mustache while reminiscing his old memory.

But upon that grand news there were two person who stayed silent. Damir was looking at Alexa who was cleaning her bombs. “Hey, aren’t you worried about the ball?”, Damir sit next to Alexa. “…”, Alexa didn’t answer for a while. After inhaling she replied, “What to worry about? Everybody is excited for it”, she looked into Damir’s eyes. “What if no one asked your hand for a dance? aren’t you anxious?”, Damir pointing out his worries. “I will bring my book and choose a silent corner to read it, you have nothing to worry about. You are gorgeous, surely everyone will want to dance with you”, after Alexa said this Damir blushed. “I wonder how girls fangirling about this softie inside but look like a beast on the outside… haha”, Alexa played with Damir’s hair. “Eh, they really said that?”, Damir was surprised to hear that Girls were head over heels for him. Surely what Alexa said was proven by how many knocks on Damir’s door proposing idea to take him to the Ball. These things only made Damir more tired, and he was anxious talking to girls he was not close to.

The night of the Ball

Damir ended up coming alone, since he can’t made up his mind to choose. He try to act cool and flirty but none he asked to dance with. These behavior made other Female masters desired him more. As the night grows, more women gave him signal for a dance. He then tried to distract them by saying, “Look! Astius is hiding next to the wine and his dance card is empty”. Suddenly all those girls were rushing to get Lama master’s attention. Damir managed to get out from the shinning and bright ball.

As he was on the top of the stairs, he saw the moonlight shimmering on the maze in the garden. He can’t help but noticed that the lights were pretty odd in the middle of maze. He climbed down the stairs and tried to find the middle. As he entered, he saw a girl in a beautiful yellow gown and it was no other than Alexa Ardito Master. “Oh, I didn’t expect to find you here”, Alexa noticed Damir entering. He was still in shock, “I… I didn’t know you look… you look so… so… Beautiful”. “Thank you, but I came here only to satisfy Pauline’s demand to see Astius, so I sit there with my Book for a while… oh sorry, I mean the whole time of the party”, she saw the moon was at its peak. “I guess, I can keep your beauty to myself. Pretty sure no one can expect Alexa to be this… feminine”, Damir tried to hold his urge of feelings. “Stop it, you are staring too much”, Alexa slap his head with a book.

“Ouchhh, I can’t help but notice that your dance card is empty mam, don’t want to waste this occasion to see other side of you, Alexa”, Damir kneel to ask Alexa for a dance. “Say that to a man who’s surrounded by girls all night but asked none. How’d you expect me to say No to those beasty and beautiful eyes?”, she gave him her hand. From a joke to a comfort, they dance the night away under the moonlight. Their eyes locked and both beautiful eyes charmed each other. As the gaze grows intimate, each could feel the other’s breath. And Damir brace himself to landed on her lips, “You surely are precious, Alexa. Sorry I worried too much, and missed out on you”. “Your dance is worth the wait, Damir”, she put her forehead on Damir’s neck and enjoy the rest of the night in each others’ hand.

Some say, after that Ball no one knows why Terramancer master and Ardito master were inseparable in Saalus, even though they are placed quite afar but still a glance away to look into each other.

“You shake the ground, I bomb your world”


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WHOAAAAA WAT A NARAK AND AMAZING ARTS ^^ im tired of finding a Cute girl dancing partner in game, after i read this story now i’ve renew my spirit to flirt more girl.



nice one this quote haha. love the style of art its really good different and unique. :satisfaction:

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oooh~ the beauty and the beast theme works for them >w<

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“You shake the ground, I bomb your world”

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Stop flirting and start acting cool so girls will like you more

I just realized it when thinking about their classes

He is not actually a beast, but isn’t it interesting to see damir in Blue?

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A fun way to enjoy a Ball :heart:

i love the story! well done!

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"You shake the ground, I bomb your world”

this drawing is very beautiful, i wish i could see who drew this, she must be beautiful :heart_eyes:

@okeanon24 Glad you like them senpai :satisfaction:

@chimohasae “You sell good ichor, I bomb my silver storage”

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The fanfic no one asked but we all needed. I’m hoping you to be one of the winners.

hope win and i can see it on the screen