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[Ball] Lead And Follow, Sister

Title : Lead And Follow, Sister
Server : Telsiai
Team Name : Catneep
NPC or Monster’s Name : Goddess Laima and Demon Goddess Giltine
Laima, in a beautiful dress, covered with black roses and lilies. She doesn’t know where she is because of the darkness surrounded.
Suddenly someone reach her hand and hold her tight. It’s Giltine!
“Take my hand, Laima”
Sprinkle golden lights are slowly falling on their hair, they’re in a Ball.
“You lead and i will follow, sister. Let’s make this night flawless”


The Duo we always dream about and always beautiful! VERY ENCHANTING TECHNIQUES! UwU

who are you, where real ryanjull

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oh my, the final showdown is a dance off owO!!!