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[Ball] Frigid Fandango

Title : Frigid Fandango
Server : Telsiai
Team Name : The_Bluesorrow
NPC or Monster’s Name : Froster Lord & Glacia

I imagined them having legs and had their icy adornments as skates


all the drawings you have uploaded in each contest are beautiful! And very creative! It’s very pretty!

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aw thank you yuna X3 i am flattered / w \

yours are very painterly :satisfaction:

Blublu this is simple but very good and cheerful concept :smiley: :satisfaction:

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Holy Witch, this sooo cool!! 100% u will win, gogogo my queenie^^

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nice one blue… so blue indeed :satisfaction: GL GL!!! its so good.

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thank you very much dionysus X3 yeah, i’m a bit unknowledgeable with the current theme Owo;;

thank you baby gorilla owO

waaait… is this what BG stands for Owo?

daaaaaw thank you for checking it out, icon :satisfaction:

Yes, briliant right? :satisfaction:

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pft pft pft XD :haha:

yeah, took me a moment to figure it out :satisfaction:

Love it, Blue! such awesome art!~
Also Froster and Glacia looks like a perfect match!
i shall ship them now

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aw thank you meika X3

i originally wanna put the cryomaster instead of froster lord owO

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Sasuga beewan! Your artworks are impressive as always
And the concept is so good too!
These two must be having so much fun freezing everything and dancing with their ice skates xD


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thank you shakes X3

i remember froster lord freezing the dragons in the lore, i kinna wanna add those but felt a bit too crowded owO;;

also yes XD literal ice skates :haha:

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Awww they seem to be having so much fun! I love the color too <3

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thank you winderie >w<

blue is my favorite color :satisfaction: