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[Ball] Explosive Dance

Title: Explosive Dance
Server: Silute
Team Name: Winderie
NPC/Monster’s name: Pauline (Matross Master), Eda Saker Bazaras (Cannoneer Master), Popolion

Everyone was there to dance, but Eda met a little friend that had the same interests as her, and poor Pauline had to make sure they didn’t make an Explosive Dance. They were close to do it though!


keep the alcohol away from that little group

It’s beautiful! (and explosive) the popolion with a mustache looks very elegant

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That little group need to stay separated or everything will explodeee ;_;

I’m glad you liked the popolion too <3 There has to be a Popolion <3

exploooooosion >w<
i like cannonie’s smug expression XD

Hahahaha they’re literally having a BLAST xD
hhhnnnnngh that cutie fang really got meeee x3

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yeaah I wanted them to have fun so muuuch, we need more happy Popolions >< !
Awww the playful fang is always on my image of the Canonie master <3 I’m happy you like it that muuuch <3


Canonie is saved