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[Ball] Dancing Partners

Title : Dancing Partners
Server : Klaipeda
Team Name : Tsugami
NPC or Monster’s Name :Murmillo, Rodelero, Priest, and Shinobi Hunter Masters

Update: I wanted to draw something catchy and pleased the eye this time.

Previous drawing:


now that i think about it, the guild hall does feel like a ballroom owO


i’m getting this chainsaw man feel on the updated entry Owo

Nice suit it is!!!

Kamiya in vest looks warm .,;(’ wc||> ' w)/;,.

ah…btw seems its the hunter master not shinobi?

Who is the blonde hair lady on the previous work XD

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That would be Crusader master! I made her hair a bit smoother.

Oh you’re right. It is the hunter master! I got mixed up with Shinobi master because of the cloth!