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Auto Match needed for everything instanced

Can we have(honestly we must) auto match setup for all normal/hard unique and legend raids etc, finding a party in game that does things burns time, not to mention the inconvenience of this to solo players, im new too the game and reached lv.454 but all i can do is solo because of limitations not able to run things that requires a party, and all the good stuff is in there no reason to skip it, playing catching up for new and returning players is a pain ive been playing for more than a week now and geared enuff to run things but just cant without a party i havent done any raids normal/hard all auto which really sux and no rewards, its no different than level dungeons so why not make it more accessible to players, i feel being restricted with the current system some have auto match and some do not? why the nonsense they already require you to be leveled and geared for it.

The reason that the hard mode version of raids dont have automatch is probably cause you can’t expect the average party to clear it.
Moringponia hard for example is a lot more about knowing the mechanics than just powering through it with gear.
Glacia hard to a lesser extent, but still a lot more punishing than the current automatch, which is based on the former easy mode of the raid.

i dont think so why cant an average party clear it if all the level requirements and gears are met, let randoms que in there auto and it will be cheezed in no time, its just a restriction in the way for people to access it, let the masses in

This is where people need to socialize or get/make a group or join a guild to do raids.

You can definitely have the gears but knowing how to do raids is another story.

GL with your Tree of Sh** venture

You don’t understand, some of the mechanics in the raid need to be learned or it could cause a party wipe.

i do understand honestly and its not hard for any1 to grasp mechanics, thats what forums guide, google and YT are for and there is the solo version where you can get the feel what its gonna be like in there nothing special, all im asking is a way more accessible to players unlike the current state where you need to ask or look for people who wants to do it not all people want to go to all that trouble just to run 1 dungeon, look how level dungeons works its convenient you que and wait for fellow players or if there is nobody else you can always try later very simple, and raid mechanics doesnt have to do with this topic anyway its for players accessibilty cuz new & returning players gonna have trouble running raids with this system.

it will become more accessible with the next big changes on KTOS, since they want to get rid off the healer role for good, meaning all raids will become more accessible for everyone.
At ~ the same time, new equipment will be provided (Goddess equipment), making it easier than currently to get ready for old content.

One thing the developers stated is that they do not wish to make everything auto-matching content, since auto-matching was just a band-aid solution for them as not enough players were willing to play support and healer characters. Hard content will stay party-focus only, which they doubled down by making res sacrae dungeon (hard) also pre-made party content instead of keeping it auto-matching content.

I think it’s a good balance if everything is accessible for everyone, but some content still requires actual player interaction to play.
One thing I’m scared of is IMC messing up raid difficulty again.
They stated that they tested the actual Giltine raid only one time, failed at the attempt, but stated that because players are better at the game than developers and the equipment used wasn’t high-end, players would be able to persevere through.

In my opinion this shows what the developers actually do when planning, they make content, test it only a bit for bugs and then release it onto the players regardless of their own testing experience,which could result in a calculator-balance (taking away x of attack and x of HP for example), hindering new parties more than encouraging them to tackle harder content.

thanks for the heads up, cant they see the system that they forced is what makes this game so lame, content accessibilty for every player must be simple, sure a pre-made party sounds simple enuff just join a guild interact with players which i just did and got dissapointed its either guild members list is empty or 1 or 2 online which doesnt respond great, ok so we look at shouts there is uphill,lemcm,dsds,wwauto etc. huh i dont want those i need normal/hard raid content which is rarely seen, so far this game is doing great until you realize you want to do raids to loot stuff which is getting nowhere its almost feels like raids are exclusive content for people with party super crap system to exist, its either at this point new/returning players decides to drop this game again or stay this game kills itself.

This is the reason why I don’t bother with raids at the moment aside the auto-matching content.
Whenever I tried with random people, the party failed and then faltered after people just left because they didn’t get rewards instantly for bad performance.
I just do the auto-matching stuff and then I wait for next week to try getting some arch stone frags/arch stones while saving money for the upcoming vaivoras.

Once the developers will set in motion their plans on revamping ark/luciferi crafting, I will get back lots of resources to instantly improve my equipment, and with the fall of the need for a good supporter, success chances will rise a lot when doing glacia and moringponia, it’s just waiting a few more months so burning out now trying to get these things asap feels wrong.

I will try raiding again when you no longer need a fixed party with high geared healer/supporter and the equipment no longer is depending as much on RNG (arch stone equipment especially), but for now I see no point trying, it’s holding out for the sake of the goddess card, the assisters and res sacrae related items.

Sure, we can make it dumb like current solo raid. Glacia dont even take 30s to clear in solo mode.

So you have been playing for more than a week? You can’t just random pt moringH, mechs in there take time to learn, people have to be assigned roles, DPS have to be comfortably ENOUGH. It is a hard raid, geared parties who train in that raid can take up to 3-5 days or even more. It is not in auto-match because if you don’t learn the raid together with the exact same party, i doubt you will ever clear it. Even speed runners still respect swap, curse and raise.

Glacia Hard has easier mechanics, but unless you run with trans10 +11++ Glacia, full lv30 arts, high enhance t10 weapons with vvr and really geared pt members, all you are ever gonna do is die there without even leaving a dent. But if you do have those already (assuming you are a whale who’s fully geared in less than 2 weeks) then why not find a party and give it a shot.

Those raids are accessible to anybody, given you have the right gears, knowledge and pt. Everybody plays by the same rules here.

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I highly disagree on the point of having normal/hard raids in automatch.

Even Giltine Automatch right now makes people burn soul crystals when they do not go in with a proper party combination.

Maybe you can give Moring solo stage 5 a try before talking about having an automatch party for Moring Hard.

It’s not just YOU who needs to understand the gimmicks but everyone else. There’s also a requirement of different character/party roles where you’d need an SM, a healer, someone to do swap/take tanta aggro etc. Imagine entering Moring Hard with 4 healers and 1 cryomancer lol.

Level is not an issue, it’s more about your gears. Of course, you could clear the raid with fully geared Varna but having Glacia ensures you die a lot less and you do a lot more damage. Playing for more than a week… unless you’re a whale and you’re fully geared with minimum +11/10 Glacia Armors and Weapons with some level of knowledge of the raid gimmicks, I’m sorry but even with a proper team you may not even be able to clear the raid.


imc doesnt want to have the whales leeching every alt account out there XDD

A reminder that every raid was first cleared with the equipment from previous raid. It’s all about how prepared you are with your gear and and your mentality. Over the time, dec will nerf the older raid to allow easier preparation for newcomers or undergeared player to prepared for the highest difficulty content. They can minimized the gap of gear between players, but they can minimized the player actual skill.

There was a player in tels did very well to rank top 5 with his team, with just drakonas in jsr. Learning mechanics and learn how to react to it, is as much important as having top end gear. He compensated his lack of gear with being a proper mechanics dealer. Ad quit tho because tbl is ded.

I cleared moringH with a fixed party during varna days, it was far from easy, choking at 10% below every single time. It took us 14 days of training 2-4hours a day. To be a mechanic specialist is easier said than done and raids like pre-nerf moringH and even post-nerf moringH means you have to be fortunate enough to have atleast 3 other specialists in your party if you were to go inside undergeared. You can’t just recommend that to anybody.

It is true that it is far easier right now, flying buff doesn’t mean auto-fail, failed swap doesn’t mean auto-death and failed curse doesn’t mean party wipe anymore. But TP wanted this raid to be in auto so can enter it with week-old gears and i highly doubt he even knows what i’m talking about

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so whats the harm opening it to everyone if what youre saying is true, its so hard people cant clear it blah blah… then again this is not a topic for game mechanics if some people are so stupid needed days to learn a thing dont assume the same goes for others as well, opening everything up for auto que promotes better and fun gameplays and more players will be able to experience raids, and please dont go telling people its hard and all needed to practice and such when this topic clearly tells they cant do that cuz raids are locked behind parties.

Try this for 4 months straight:
-Make a random uphill Very hard Party, consist of you and 4 fresh newbie who dont know mechanic, but you aren’t permitted to be salty if you fail at bonus stage, at all.

I don’t know if you’re deluded or you haven’t had much experience with automatch nor even the raid at all.

As I’ve said, go give Lepi Solo a try at Stage 5 before you come back and tell us that the “raid is locked behind parties”.

I can guarantee you that even if it opens on automatch people who weren’t already clearing it wouldn’t clear it, and people who have been clearing it with their teams will only queue with their teams (or leave if they match with newbies) ^^

Edit: Just to add that before this, EVERYTHING was party-gated. IMC introduced automatch to lepi and ww easy to help newbies progress. There’s so much more to “cheesing” the raid when lepi is a gimmick fest and whitewitch is a dps check. Not to mention the beast of a gimmick+dps check that is giltine.


You might learn it very fast, but you can’t guarantee that the other 4 people in queue also knows the mechanics. What if you got paired with bunch of newbies who knows nothing about the mechanics? You’ll just be wasting your time and soul crystals.

i already tried it solo stage 5 lepi you do know the purpose of solo version do you? look at the drop list do you think people would burn time in there, even if it still just a practice run doing it is so pointless no moringponia/karaliene in there why bother, it already serves its purpose get how the mechanics work thats it nothing more youll gain nothing from running it more move on to the next> normal/hard open it for auto que or put those moringponia/karaliene on solo drop list to make it worth our time. dont give players the crap about mechanics its all over the internet, and most of them are done in shi**y overgearing ways anyway.