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Auto attack questions

Is there any patch coming to buff poor AA state in this game ? like ANY at all ?
Also why didnt they buff Double Gun Stance sfr?

AA is already buffed (SR/EN) & BM is already powerful with others skills than AA

Vaivora Pistol:

STR +143
DEX +143
Additional Damage +1500
SP Recovery +150

Trigger Modification:
Increases basic attack damage by 200% during Limacon buffs
Increases basic attack speed by 40% during Pistol Limacon

Need to verify its

908 + 200


908 * 2


200% Dmg mod

All 3 of them have very very different outcome to the end result.

Wait so they’re changing the vaivora psitol stats?

Theres 9 new Vaivora weapons coming out fam, a new pistol is one of them

since it says “increase” basic atk dmg… while you already have your base atk (which mean100%). So, with limacon buff : 100 + 200 + (sfr limacon)

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is the 40% attack speed will make a huge difference ?
Vaivora 1h Mace:

STR +120
INT +120
DEX +120
SPR +120
Additional Damage +1500
AOE Attack Ratio + 5

Shining Weapon :
Increases basic attack damage by 1% of your Additional Damage stats while Binatio is active (up to 1000% increase).
Doesnt that mean 1k% sfr for just the AA

Most likely is this, but its still a pretty good thing to have. 40% if work as advertised, can be good. But always cuked by potato server.

all depends on your ping and the animation delay. Also, if your DEX is already high, you won’t feel the boost as much, as the 40% boost is probably only +40% of base Aspd (worth about 400 DEX).

basically this. It would state 2x otherwise. 200% increase means +200% SFR.

yes, just like Limacon basically. The problem is that it is currently pretty much impossible to reach 100000 additional damage on Chaplain, the best you can pull off, including Blessing and Pardoner buff shop, would be around 400% additional SFR for basic attacks (so 500% SFR basic attacks) with 25% downtime.

AA Build dead long time ago …

you mean, AA build for monk? yes.
but for SR, it still viable because huge buff at limacon, retreat shot, and L hand sfr. At PAPER (with no potato connection) limacon can shot 3 times each second, same shoot for retreat. DPS wise :

3 x 505 (limacon without enchane)
+3 x 380 (L hand without enchane)
+3 x 546 (retreat shot without enchance. since retreat naturally shoot 3 times each second)
=1515 + 1140 + 1638
= 4293% SFR per second… last for 10s until retreat enter cooldown

but well… it just at paper. :haha:

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You should go for the highest number. As for me

Basic auto attack = 100%
Lv 16 Limacon with maxed attrib = 843%
Lv 10 Lightning Hands with maxed attrib/arts = 608%

1 AA = 100 + 843 + 608 = 1551%
1 seconds can go 4 hits = 1551% * 4 = 6204%

Asuming we calculate for 10 seconds to pair with retreat shot.

6204% * 10 = 62040%
Lv 12 Retreat 33 hits over 10 seconds (wastrel pistol) = 1135% * 33 = 37455%

Total SFR in 10 seconds = 62040% + 37455% = 99495%

Incase if you wonder how would that fair. Heres a video of mine Inserts shameless self advertisement

It sounds great but honestly its not as good as skills build, using skills surpass 100k% sfr in under 10 seconds.

Then goes in cooldown for 20seconds? :joy:

Meanwhile, on Monk + Chaplain, you have
lvl 18 Double Punch = 365% x2 x2(arts&enhance attribute) = 1460%
lvl 15 Aspergillum = 620% x2 (arts & attribute) x1.8 (capella boost,100% uptime new attribute) = 2232%
that’s 3692% x3 per second,without any downtime or 110760% every 10 seconds.

Meanwhile, Limacon+Lightning Hands don’t have enhancement arts (only 1.6 times skill factor with enhance attributes), so you’re stuck at 1092%(Retreat Shot)+608%(Lightning hands)+843%(Limacon)+100%(basic attack)= 2643%x3x10= 79290% over 10 seconds.

So SR+Enchanter is even more dead than the Chaplain+Monk meme, even if we consider the additional 6000% from the new Vaivora pistol and ignore the new Vaivora mace for Chaplain.

it goes into 20 seconds CD on use, meaning it has 50% uptime. If we calculate the 50% uptime Golden Bell Shield and the 100% uptime finger flick debuff against that, we get to 147990% on Monk-Chaplain vs 85290% on SR-Enchanter (including the new pistol).

Of course, that’s just on paper, in reality there is always some delay and skill mechanics, so it would be better to reduce the numbers a bit, probably to around 125000% on Monk-Chaplain and 83000% on SR-Enchanter. This means the base attack Cleric would still have around 1.5 times the damage, completely ignoring the new mace(no idea if it even works together with Double Punch).

If you were a bender, you must be a fact bender. So you are comparing a buffed SFR (Capella) , future content (lv20 arts), and twisted fact (3hps on limacon), to something that is totally achievable from the current timeline?

My statement of goes into 20seconds cd is implying classes that can deal high sfr over few seconds that have downtime later on. Nothing to do with Golden Bell Shield (again a buffed comparison).

It’s currently achievable, just not on our server. I’m just making the comparison because

  1. the new Vaivora pistol was brought up
  2. the new Vaivora mace was brought up
  3. AA build for Monk was proclaimed dead although IMC released a bunch of equipment and rebalances that hugely benefit the basic attack meme

Yes,the patch is about 2-3 months in the future, but it will inevitably come to iTOS either way.
Building a whole character and equipping it takes longer than it takes for these patches to arrive.
So if he either starts a Monk-Chaplain from scratch or a SR-Enchanter from scratch now doesn’t make a difference, since by the time the character is ready,the changes will already have been applied to this server.

Your statement made it sound like it has 30 seconds cool down time, which is why I mentioned that statement for clarification.

SR was just recently buffed, so of course I would compare both buffed/adjusted skill sets/play modes. There is nothing wrong here.
Just look at these statements:

I just listed the numbers because the boost of Monk+Chaplain is greater than the boost of SR+Enchanter so people can see that if you go by the assumption that SR is not dead for AA,then Monk isn’t dead,either.

You need to chill. I’m saying, you should not factor in Damage Buffs as we are solely comparing the SFR numbers alone. If you really want to include that, at least include that in both of the contestant. Yes Melee AA build might not be dead. But still it is impractical as ever because of the movement limitation and range. The only thing that it might excel in is AOE but i believe you need much larger range than just a double punch.

Wait wait im a bit confused here, why are you counting retreat shot with lighting hands and AA, if retreat shot is in use we cant do AA, right? And lightning hands only trigger on AA not skills unless we’re talking about enchant lightning which adds additional dmg