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' Attack Against plate armored target Offsetting'' What does it do!

Hello everyone,

Since IMC dosen’t give a crap when you talk to them to know something that dosen’t exist anywhere i’m gonna try the forum since it’s my last resort.

As my title say it, i’m trying to get a graps on what does EXACTLY do ‘’ Attack Against plate armored target Offsetting ‘’.

Tell me if i’m wrong but blue stats should be a Defensive one. So how does an offensive stats is there ? Because when i read that stats it either : You will do more damage against target who wear in this case Plate armored target OR You receive LESS damage from target who wear Plate.

When i’m trying to wear a piece with that stats in game i got the following:

Attack Against plate armored target Offsetting 507 (3,8%)

Is it a reduction ? a bonus damage ? from receiving damage or Dealing them? i’m totally lost on that.

If anyone could tell me exactly how this is working i would be really happy.

Thank you in advance kind savior, hopefully to get the right awnser !

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There are two kinds of stats, Attack by Type, and Attack Offsetting.

Attack by Type increases damage against relevant enemies using this formula:

(Attack by Type - Attack Offsetting)/(Defender Level x 30) x 100

The % value stated in the stat window is misleading, it does the calculation as if the enemy you fight is your level, so fighting enemies of different levels will lead to different results, it also does not take into account any Attack Offsetting. The minimum damage increase is 0%, meaning Offsetting won’t lead to a direct damage reduction, it only can nullify the increased effect of Attack by Type.

Attack Offsetting works differently in PVE and PVP.

In PVP it simply occupies the Attack Offsetting variable in the above formula and does nothing else, it only applies if the player you are fighting has the Attack by Type stat themselves, and their stat applies to you.

In PVE, it reduces damage in the same way as the above formula, but as if the Monster you were fighting had 0 Attack by Type. In other words it reduces the damage you receive.

So it looks more like this:

Attack Offsetting/(Defender Level x 30) x 100

Attack Against Armour Type Target Offsetting will reduce damage against yourself if you’re in that armour. Attack Against Medium-Type Target Offsetting reduces damage received regardless of other variables as players are Medium type.

In summary, the red “Attack Against Type” stat increases damage dealt, and the blue “Attack Against Type Offsetting” reduces damage received.

To answer your question directly, this means that if you’re in Plate armour you will receive less damage.

Here are the official notes regarding it, though it can be misleading and parts are out of date:


Thank a hell lot ! that will really help me as healer !