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Aspergillium fix WHERE

Oh no no no no no, not even mentioned shiiiiiiiiiiiiit no

I just hope the patch magically fixes it at this point… If not idk what to do…

It magically broke so it might magically fix?

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Well…it’s called hope I guess… xD

The worst thing btw is that it is most likely not a hard to fix bug… It could have been fixed the next week but we are most likely waiting for the korean developers to fix it…what for some reason already takes months… …and there is a chance they didn’t even get the info about this bug properly or something… because something is rly fishy about it…

What’s broken about it? :hey:

The damage. Even with 1k+ sfr it hits like your basic auto attack. It’s like that since the last big patch… 2 months+ now?

Hit’s for like 70% SFR instead of the 1000% it shows.

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Aspergillium still bugged.

Thanks IMC.

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Aspergillium scales with INT.

Switching to Magic Chaplain doubles the output.


Edit: after more trials, not so sure about the scaling atm.

The scaling seems to work, but looking at the scaling of lvl 1 I believe it still scales with magic attack value regardless if it is physical or magic attack.

Yes, it deals a lot lot more damage on my crusader/exo than on my monk/zealot.
How much is a lot? Well, like 20x.

I’m quite sure it is always a magical attack and it works as it should. It was never mentioned its attribute will change its skills like the other classes and it doesn’t change it imo. Also read the attribute. Nothing about changing skills to physical or magical.

Because it is a magic attack haha :smiley: You are looking at it from the wrong direction.

It’s interesting tho. Maybe it is a hidden effect? Did you check if it only scales aspergillum if you are on the physical stats? I guess whatever stats you are on those scale it because it is always a magic attack imo.

Not sure about the “20x” But the damage bonus from exo and crusader is easier to achieve than the monk one… and crusader and exo scale with INT so yeah that’s also adding into it…

So, is it fixed or not? Also, does the skill scale with INT or with M.Attack?

I’ve tried with other magic attack skills and it seems that Inquisitors Absorb Magic actually increases the damage of magic skills too. Maybe it’s not that Aspergillum is a physical attack skill but that the coding of Inquis attribute actually does not make a distinction which skills to boost, at least not if the class does not have a conversion class attribute that makes it a distinct magic or physical class by activating it.

its weird, it seems fixed, but just this morning it wasnt. IDK anymore

Hell if I know, Between 20k M.ATK with no int and 24k M.ATK with int chaplain, the damage increases from nothing to “working as intended”.

I can confirm Inquisitor’s Magic Absorb attribute’s damage boost does increase both magic and physical damage, been that way since its introduction in kTest. IMC never changed anything about it so I assume its intended.

IIRC only Krivis, Paladin and Druid had their stat change attributes updated with the damage type changing. Chaplain has always been a magic damage/additional damage based class.

Yeah, explains why with 10k m-atk, Aspergillium + Deploy Capella new attribute both at max level attribute level 50, deals 8-9k only when using physical chaplain and deals around 125-250k with magical chaplain, right?!

Haha chill, Aspergillum’s damage has been bugged for some time now even before this patch. Until things are fixed, I don’t expect any sort of reasonable explanation can explain why Aspergillum hits as wonky as it does.

Only thing players can do is make enough noise on forums or on ticket support for IMC to actually take notice. Then again, its Chaplain we’re talking about …

or p.cleric we talking about lol
imc never really care about it anyway

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